1987 Camaro turbo What will i need?

I was wondering what ill need to put a turbo in my 87 iroc z would it require a bigger rear end and how much hp will it boost me up to .....thanks

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  • Ted
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    7 years ago
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    You can find what you are looking for in a turbocharger and manifold kit. Garrett makes them. It takes a lot to squeeze in all the hardware. You will also have to modify the body for the intercooler to fit. I believe that your drive train will hold up well enough. You will have to revert to another style of fuel introduction, because the intake won't be the right style to fit the MFI on your current setup plus your fuel delivery amount will be inacurate for your new setup. This is due to turbo systems increase the pressure in the intake manifold. You will also have to replace the distributor to some other setup as factory will limit your timing curve. "one wire" breakerless sets are the one to use. Mallory, MSD and others make good ignitions. Your exhaust will have to be custom built, You will have to build a new custom air cleaner setup too. Another concern is that by boosting the intake pressure, you will have to be concious of the amount of pressure that is there when accelerating so that you don't blow the intake off of the heads. 1980 turbo trans ams and buick grand nationals were notorious for this, so be aware of it in a small block chevy. If you want my honest opinion, I'd just replace the 350 with a 383 stroker and leave a turbo setup alone. There is no substitution for cubic inches of displacement. The 383 is a 350 that has been over bored in the cylinder walls and "de-stroked" on the crankshaft to up the compression ratio. This "de-stroking" is offset grinding on the crankshaft journals. Most likely what you will do by putting a turbo on a stock engine is blow the crankshaft bearings right away. Unless you are very mechanically skilled, I would not try to convert your current engine to a 383. You would wind up spending more than just buying one. You could still use your current intake and distributor setup. Changing the distributor and intake setup just helps increase the horsepower, but your stock drivetrain won't stand up to a 383 even with the stock intake and distributor. Your tranny would go first, then the rear end. If your heart is still set on a turbo setup, just make sure that you make sure and replace the stock connecting rods, pins and rod bearings with good solid race units, putting a High volume oil pump in while you are at it. This just makes sure that your bottom end will hold up to the added forces that the increased intake pressure brings. Good luck in what ever you decide to do.

    Source(s): 35 years ASE GM master tech
  • mike
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    7 years ago

    Your first problem is to find a turbo which is made for the engine. I sold the new iroc's when they were new they brought lots of money for a basic car. The transmission can handle a lot more than the factory horsepower. Good luck !!

  • 7 years ago

    It would be easier (and maybe cheaper) to put a stand alone super charger on it.

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