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I bought a mountain bike today but the saddle is extremely uncomfortable to the point?

it makes the cycling unpleasant. I am now overweight and want to change that so I bought the bike to lose some weight and get fitter. When I was a teenager I loved my bike and was very capable on it. I am happy to say the old saying is true and I rode it easily, no problem there, but it is genuinely uncomfortable and I feel a bit like I am too heavy for the bike? I think I need to adjust the gears but I dont feel at the moment I am going to get much enjoyment from cycling as I feel so uncomfortable in the saddle...any suggestions? Thank you.

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    First answer factually INCORRECT.

    1) You're using butt muscles that may not have been used in years. It may be a cheap saddle. It may just be adjusted improperly. Try sliding the saddle forward on the seat rails. Or tilt it slightly nose up. Or possibly both.

    2) A good saddle will support only the "sit bones". If you have one of those W-I-D-E soft, cushioned and/or gel saddles - junk it - now. Just as soon as you sit down, all that padding and/or gel flows AWAY from the sit bones & to areas of soft tissue & blood vessels causing MORE pain.

    3) From a previous answer earlier today on this same subject...

    Here's something I'd rather not go into great detail about. I've recently experienced a mild case of hemorrhoids. Sitting on the sofa watching TV was painful. I had to lay down on the sofa. All that cushioning went right to you-know-where. I got on my (road) bicycle with a genuine Brooks B17 leather saddle (NO padding what-so-ever) and was comfortable with NO pain!

    If you want a better saddle...see your authorized, independent, knowledgeable, friendly, local BICYCLE shop. Not Wally World or K-Mart or Target.

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    Surely seems like a saddle main issue. I've determined that almost all stock saddles on bikes are in poor health fitted to exact biking, even saddles on £1500 bikes are worthless. I would advocate getting a male bike saddle with a urethral canal and gel seat (see under). As for bike shorts, don't buy cheapo ones, count on to pay as a minimum £forty for a pair that absolutely work, otherwise don't hassle. For a quite good/cozy bike saddle, you should assume to drop as a minimum £80. You can get anything that works for less expensive, however it should be hit or miss. I particularly propose ISM saddles, as they are among the many most comfy I've ever used. You must additionally expect to spend at the least a month nice tuning your saddle positions (And it is going to change over time too, so you are on no account really performed). You'll be able to have got to alter each peak and tilt of the saddle until it fits you flawlessly. This can be a irritating and time ingesting method, but until you to find the proper role for your saddle, you won't be completely comfy. Even 1/2 a degree of tilt could make the change between comfort and soreness.

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    There are a couple of saddle choices out there, which will not break the bank. The Charge Spoon is a viable saddle with lots of nice features for the money. WTB also do a really compy saddle.

    First thing though, make sure you have padded cycling shorts, or at least underwear. Do not wear jeans etc. They have this stitched seam that runs through the crotch.

    Padding is an illusion to some extent. You have three points that you need to make contact with. If you sit on your but you will note two bones at the lower part of your hip. These are points that you need a bit of padding on. You also have a bone that forms the forward part of the hip. On women the three points make up a wide based triangle with a short height. On the male, these three points of contact make up a short based hight triangle.

    These three points are where your saddle should be comfortable. So, have a look at a saddle that meets these requirements.


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    Internal hemorrhoids are a different matter and require more intervention. Your best bet is to educate yourself about the condition, its causes and what options there are to treat it both short and long term. Don't ignore it though, hemorrhoids tend to become chronic in nature, lasting years or decades in some cases.

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    Saddle discomfort is inevitable for anyone spending a significantly increased amount of time cycling when they are not used to it. There are three things that will help you:

    1) Cycling shorts - a decent pair with substantial padding (I prefer the foam type) will make a world of difference. The better quality ones can be quite expensive, however, I think it is a worthwhile investment.

    2) Saddle type - you will usually find bike manufacturers will stick on a bog standard saddle. You should consider investing in one that suits you. I cycled to Cape Town from the UK on a Selle SMP saddle and now I'm running bike tours throughout Africa ( and this is the one I recommend for long distance rides.

    3) Positioning is key - If your saddle is at the correct height, then it will improve your posture and efficiency. Angle of saddle is also something to consider.

    Good luck!


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    Have had an Allay [Topeak] Nomad 1.1 saddle from for six years. Are a hefty 14 stone cyclist and during that time even on country runs has never been painful plus being fatter stops you from sweating in a certain gentlemany area as it has a special nose to prevent this. The Allay saddles come in a choice of widths plus have elastomer suspension. Make sure it's fitted according to the leaflet for best comfort. Absolute love it, the price is not be loved though, yet despite this mine is still like new and used everyday. Mine is used on a double suspension/double disc Land Rover mountain bike.

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    When you bought the bike, did the store adjust the saddle to fit you? Or did you buy it in a department store with no help? One of the most common mistakes new cyclists make is to have the saddle too low. Doing this shifts too much weight onto your rear end and results in discomfort. I suggest you take your bike to a shop for a proper fitting

  • John M
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    Having the correct size frame and the saddle adjusted properly goes a long way in comfort. Your weight is supported by your sit bones. They do not change because of weight. Your legs help to support your weight so if the saddle is too low they can not support much.

    You also need to get use to the saddle take short rides at first. Gel saddles and covers make matters worse by pinching nerves and blood vessels.

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    It is a very common issue for beginner riders. You won't believe how out of,shape your legs and butt are too! If you over do it you will not believe how very painful they can get. As you get in better condition, the butt pain from the saddle, and the soreness from exercise in legs and butt will subside. BUT DON'T over do it!

    I also suggest that you invest is a pair of padded mtn bike shorts. Gel saddles, saddle pads etc do not work to help the problem. Padded cycling shorts do,work. You can thank me later!


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