meaning of tree of life circle paganism/wicca?

im just getting into the pagan religion. im in it for more of the spiritual connection with nature and the world around me. I dont know much about all the symbolic meanings to things. My friend wants to get me something for my birthday for my religion and ive decided on 2 things first. Shes got a pentacle necklace that she says is for protection, i really like it and would like one but I came across a tree of life necklace that has Opalite on it. I am real big into the celtic stuff too and have noticed a tree on alot of their things. I figured the tree of life would help me to possibly conect with nature and better understanding but i dont know its real meaning or symbalizm. I know they say pick things that you can connect with, like your crystals. you dont just buy them you have to feel the connection and something just keeps drawing me back to the Opalite tree of life necklace. And if i do go with it do i have to bless it? my friend rubs oil on her pentacle for blessings or something like that. I dont really know what to do other than wear it lol

this is what it looks like and im just drawn to it

any info you could give me would be great

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    You don't really need to do anything other than wear it, but if you feel a strong need for a ceremony surrounding it, dip it in salt water (briefly) after you receive it, as a sort of "cleansing" of any energies that could be clinging to it. It's more of a mental trick than anything else, but it's one that works.

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    For starters, Paganism is a bunch of religions - it sounds like you've got a leaning towards Wicca at the moment, but there's a variety of other Pagan religions that aren't that much like Wicca, so keep that in mind when reading these answers.

    I agree that there's nothing specifically Celtic about that pendant (nor, really, specifically Pagan, to be honest.) The tree could be used to symbolize Bile, which could be seen as something analogous to Yggdrasil - it's not the most common Celtic motif out there, but there's a chance that the artist was aiming for that. More likely, as Nightwind said, that it got the "Celtic" label slapped on as a marketing ploy.

    If you're looking to use the tree as a meditation aid, there's a number of ways you can look at the symbolism. You might want to try considering it as a connection between the earth and the sky, or a bridge between the realms. Or perhaps as an ancient lifeform, one that's seen years pass by like moments... There's a lot of options.

    You can bless it if you want - but there's no real need. Some folks go through special and/or elaborate preparation for their tools/jewelry/etc...and others don't. There's no definitive "you *MUST* do this" rules in the general sense, even within the various flavors of Wicca. If it makes you feel better about it to do so, then certainly do - but don't feel like you're under an obligation.

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    Circle Of Life Tree Meaning

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    The item has no specific meaning. A person could certainly read meaning into it (such as the sycles of drawing energy up, using it and then returning it to the world), or they might just like it because it's pretty. In this case, I think the seller called it a tree of life as a marketing thing.

    If you feel the tree pendant would help you to connect with the world, then that's a fine an dandy reason to want it. No item or image has inherent symbolism. Things mean what we decide they mean. There are symbols large numbers of people associate the same meaning with, but that doesn't stop other people from finding other meaning.

    There's nothing Celtic about that necklace, and tons of people slap "celtic" onto descriptions to sell more even if the design or item has absolutely nothing to do with Celtic culture.

    How would blessing anything help you connect with nature? It's a necklace. If you're expecting it to magically give you knowledge about nature, your expectations are unreasonable.

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