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Do you have to make a reservation if you plan to get married in a local park in central nj?

Hello all, the town I am at in central nj, they do not perform marriage ceremony at the city hall anymore, so I have to come up with some place free. Do I have to call and make a reservation if I want to get married in a local park? It will be extremely short with less than 5 people.

If it is too much, I am starting to consider to get married at home. Save all the bullshit trouble.


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    Yes. If you want an assembly at a public park, you must have a permit. Even if it's ONLY 5 people - yes, you need a permit. That's because an assembly, such as a wedding, tends to draw crowds - which can become unruly over the silliest thing - even clapping for the new couple. People are odd creatures.

    Call the department of recreation and parks for your town and get the permit.

    OR - call the county courthouse - which is where people can get married - not at City Hall. BUT - it could also be that your town just doesn't do weddings at the courthouse either - but that's where you apply for your license - so that's where the ceremonies are performed - often in a courtroom.

    OR - I like your other idea - get married in your own back yard. Most parks are alcohol free. At your own home, you can act accordingly with your guests. Then you can either go to a nice restaurant for supper - or you can have it brought in by your favorite restaurant. Many good restaurants will pack their dishes to go - and have someone pick them up.

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    Well, where I'm from (New Mexico) I see people having birthday parties and other large get-togethers at the park all the time. I had my daughter's birthday party at the park last year. We had a tent and balloons set up and were there for a couple hours and no one said anything to us. I don't see the difference between that and having a quick wedding with 5 people.

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    I would get a reservation, to cover your butt.

    Where is the reception? If you're doing something like treating them to lunch at a local restaurant, then I would just do the ceremony there. Or at your home, if you are hosting these people at your house for some food following the ceremony.

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    If I were you, with only 5 people, I would just do it at home. You will have more flexibility to do what ever you want. At the park, there could be some rules and restrictions. And it might not be free. You would have to contact your parks & recreation dept. to find out.

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    I got married in a Park as well (in NY). You will need to contact them and get a permit to have the ceremony their. Otherwise, you ,may have some problems. Congrats to you

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    Contact the park and rec and ask them if you could do that and if there is a fee

    They will let you know

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