What benefits are typically related to performing music in the music industry?

If I were to be a famous guitarist/ musician, what kind of benefits would I have?

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    8 years ago
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    Well firstly if you are doing it just for the benefits, I wouldn't recommend it. Only do it if you love playing. I am a drummer and have played with many big bands (The Prodigy, Cars on fire, Paul Weller, Feeder, Matt Schofield, Joe Bonamassa) and had played to audiences of over 50,000.

    When you make a name for yourself, one of the biggest benefits is getting an endorsement from a company (they provide you free gear in exchange for you promoting them). You get to see the world and meet some amazing people. But it's not an easy job. Your day will consist of travelling for 10 hours, sound checking, playing a gig, grabbing some food, then travelling some more. It's very tiring and can become very monotonous.

    However the biggest benefit is knowing that you are doing what you love, and feeling the adrenaline rush from playing a huge gig.

    I would certainly not take up the career just for glory and perks.

    And remember, it's one of the hardest industries to get into.

    I hope this helps :)

    Source(s): I am a drummer who has played with many top 10 bands and toured the world.
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    8 years ago

    It depends on what kind of guitarist or musician you would be. For example if you play electric guitar for several years and you really consider yourself good at it you can make your song covers and upload it to e.g. YT. If you are original and really good at it you might earn serious money from YT and eventually become famous.

    Being a guitarist you can also try to find or create a band and when you finally are in one you might attempt to show off and gradually increase your popularity and probability of being able to perform at larger and larger events what consequently might contribute to cash flow rise.

    These examples are obviously concerning pop, rock, metal etc. guitarists not the classical ones (their life routes look completely different). They are slightly idealistic and maybe excessively optimistic as well :)

    As far as a classical musician is concerned, the possibility of becoming a successful one is extraordinarily tough. Nowadays it is extremely hard to earn a living being even a respected, well-known and talented classical musician and trying to do so by playing in orchestra, chamber ensemble or singing in opera. It is even harder to become a successful soloist. These are the main reasons why so many promising musicians completely commercialize their musical career in order to make more money.

    So briefly you are much more probable to get numerous benefits being a promising guitarist, drummer, singer etc. such as respect, money, fame (for those who want it of course) and what is the most important - passion. If a music industry find you a person with whose help they might earn money they will provide you the sponsorship and then the whole domino effect might occur. To get any benefits from being a classical musician you would have to give up and sacrifice your entire life for it from you earliest childhood years together with passion, love, desire and devotion to music which eventually might provoke getting one of the benefits enumerated a sentence before :)

    Hope I helped

    Source(s): Experience. I am a cellist from 14 years :)
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