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Anne Hathaway unattractive?

There is nothing attractive about her. Even her teeth are ugly. She's comparable to a plain hamburger.


I've seen all her movies and not once was she hot. I feel like she looks like she always has bad breathe

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    I would agree that she is very plain looking, nothing striking about her. She is not attractive, but I would not necessarily call her unattractive. She is plain not hideous. And for sure, she is not hot, even with all the make-up and Hollywood magic.

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    omg i think that she's really pretty, just because she's not hot/sexy like a Victoria's Secret model, it doesn't mean that she's ugly. I just depends on what movie she's in, and what they make her look like. In The Devil Wears Prada, she didn't look that pretty. But in The Princess Diaries (after her makeover) she looked GORGEOUS. But it's whatever you think, I think that she's pretty

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    8 years ago

    i thought she looked pretty good in Dark Knight Rises. But she did look a bit pasty at the oscars.

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    I am not sure. I don't swing that way, so hard to tell.

    But she's got a different look to the usual blonde, party girl type...

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  • I have to disagree. I think she's very attractive. She has beautiful eyes. And a great smile. She has my attention

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