Tamron lenses for Canon EOS 1100 D?

I am a novice. I plan to travel with family and would like to take photos. I have Canon 1100D EOS with 18-55 lens. To take distant object I would like to buy a telephoto lens Tamron (As Canon is very expensive and I don't use much of it) The lens I have in my mind is Tamron AF 55-200 mm F/4.0-5.6 Di-II LD. My question is: 01: Will Tamron lens suit canon (many shop keepers dissuade me saying that it may not suit and only canon should be used). I would appreciate your sincere help and advise: srinivasan: india

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  • 3 years ago

    Tamron Lenses For Canon Eos

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  • 7 years ago

    Any Tamron AF lens will fit and even the one going back to the old days before AF will mount via special adapter but will of course be manual function only. For Travel the Tamron 18-270 is what would be a good one to have. 200mm in my experience often cannot reach far enough. Tamron 18-200 was not as good IQ wise as Tamron 18-250 (save about 30%) or the newer 18-270.

    Canon 'L' (pro) lenses are undeniably better, normal ones really not much nicer than Tamron. Look for Tamron SP lenses for the better ones.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Take my advise and "fhotoace's". What fhotoace knows I had to spend my money and take a loss selling the Tamron I purchased. I reasoned that the 18-200 Tamron would be my best bet.WRONG- it was too heavy around my neck for one! About 30 minutes is all I could stand. I sold it for about $50 less than paid. Purchased the 50-200mm Pentax lens. It is sharp as a tack in my 11x14 test prints. The Tamron was noticability less sharp!!

    Live and learn, you are never too old to learn!

    Source(s): 45yrs professional photographer -retired
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  • 7 years ago

    Hi swifthyd,

    In my opinion Tamron lenses are quite good to start with, especially

    with your 1100D. Most of the time Tamron lenses tests just, or almost,

    as good as original Canon lenses.Sometimes even better. Why are they

    cheaper then ? Well, mostly they are slower and less solid build. So as

    long you're not a sports photographer and handle your equipment with

    care, you're OK with Tamron. See for yourself :


    Most of the shopkeepers like to sell you Canon because they can earn

    more money by doing so.....

    I hope this is somehow helpful for you.

    Greetings, Lance.

    Source(s): Experienced camera salesman.
    • swifthyd5 years agoReport

      Great I sincerly appreciate your guidance. Thanks. Srinivasan India.

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  • 3 years ago

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