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My name is NNN.After I graduate university of science and technology. I found the job of Humanresource administration of the North Job. after I stay for a year. Due to the financialtsunami. I change my mind. Turn to the Service sector. I used to work in thestore be a salesman. Clerk…etc. Then I am have the honor of to be a Deputymanager of the NNN market. My main job was the Shop operators.Human ResourceManagement…etc. And carry on the Revenue and review Marketing Strategy of thestore by every month Because of CareerPlanning by own self. Then I put my heart do what the Department I should belong.And I work in the NNNCorporation to be an assistant of Engineer. My own job was set up the machine.and the others administration control. Carry on an education training of every season.And I will assist Engineer send test document for the front-ending. On theother hands, all of Department administration & customer service…etc. Afterwork hard. I join with the QCC. To lift up the workEffects. Handlingeverything .I am insist on time & following the rule. When I work. I wasproud that everything just in the control. I have five peoplein my family. two brothers, my Favorite was saw the movie and travel anywhere. Byfree-to-go. I learning plan and management myself. I will watch magazine tolearning English or about travel anywhere just I want. When I out of Taiwan. Iwould like to get different opinion to communicate with a foreigner. And knowthat different values between us.The first twoyears. I have learning Business English in the class. I was saw many studentsfor the knowledge and passion with anything. For me, let me join with theEnglish environment. It make me to strengthen with my Business English. Now I amplanning就業服務乙級術士檢定in the July, to strengthen an ability of the human resourcesmanagement. 未完.請先幫忙修改以上...thx u so much!!!

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    My name is NNN, after I graduated from the university of science and technology, I found got the a job position of from Human Resource Administration of the North Job. after I had stayed that company for a year, due to the international financial tsunami occurred. I changed my mind and turn to the service sector.

    I used to work as a salesman , clerk etc. in the store company be a salesman. Clerk…etc. Then Later, I am have had the honor of to being a deputy manager of the NNN market, my main job duty was operating the shop operators. human resources management…etc., and carrying on the revenue for the company and review the marketing strategy of the store by every month.

    Because of I planned the career Planning by for own myself, Then I put my heart to do what the department assigned to me. I should belong.(請再確認此字的意思)

    And When I was working in the NNN Corporation to be as an assistant of engineer, my own job obligation was setting up the machines and the others administration controls. For Carry on holding an education the training of every season, And I will should assist the engineer in send dealing with the test documents for the front-ending. On the other hands and all of the department administration , customer services…etc.(on the other hand, …………… etc. 原文意思不明,請確認), After work hard, then I joined with the QCC to lift up the work effects.

    To Handle everything. I am was always insisting on time & following the rule. When working. I was proud that everything was just in under the control.

    I have There are five people persons in my family, including two brothers( 有5家庭成員,僅例3人,是兄或弟?輩份未說明,請補齊), my Favorite was saw seeing the a movie and travelling anywhere. By free-to-go. I had learnt planning and management myself. I will watch read magazines to learning English or the information about travel anywhere just I want to travel. When I out of Taiwan was visiting other countries,

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    I would like to get different opinions to from communicating with a foreigners. And know that for the values of the differences values between us.(前句之意思是否為修正後之文義,請確認)

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    I would like to get different opinions from communicating with foreigners for the values of the differences between us.(前句修正後之文義是否正確,請確認)

    In the first two years. I had been learning business English in the class. I saw many students was learning the knowledge with great passion and all efforts.

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    For me, just give me English environment. It will strengthen my Business English automatically and efficiently. Now I am preparing to attend the examination of second grade technician of job searching and services in July of this year to strengthen my qualification of the human resources management.

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