I live in Glendive Mr. I bought a straight talk hauwei h866c cell phone powered by TracFone.?

How do I get better service? Is there an app our something?

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  • 8 years ago

    All of the Straight Talk phones that are offered for your calling area are CDMA phones that will use Verizon towers for service.

    Verizon must not have very good service where you live. There is nothing you can do to get better service with that phone in regards to an app. You will have to find a place in your home to stand where the service is the best and make all of your calls from that spot.

    You must have AT&T as a provider in your town as well. You may want to return the Straight Talk phone and get a Net10 phone that uses AT&T towers for service to see if it will work any better.

    Net10 is also a division of Tracfone just like Straight Talk. The Net10 website shows that they sell GSM phones for your calling area. You may want to find a Net10 phone with a G after the model name and number, like a LG900G and see if this will have better service. This phone will run off of AT&T towers. So if you know AT&T service is not good. Keep what you have.

    Source(s): Tracfone/Net10 customer for 12 years. Straight Talk is a division of Tracfone wireless.
  • 8 years ago

    Before buying a cellphone you need to check the service areas for the carriers with the best coverage.

    As far as I know there isn't an app for that. Its where towers are located

  • 4 years ago

    Yes. All you ought to do is purchase a Straight speak telephone and airtime card. Go to the Straight speak website and decide on port your phone number from an extra supplier to a Straight speak phone. I exploit Net10 and the last few instances I had to port a mobile quantity from one cell to another it was faster utilizing the Net10 webpage than calling on a landline mobile. So i would port your telephone quantity utilising the internet and now not a telephone call to Straight speak purchaser provider.

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