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So in class, we have chapter tests about every two weeks maybe. For example, my most recent test was for Chapter 18,19 and 20. People in class somehow have the answer key for each test we take!! Can someone tell me how? It could really help me out too.

Also, i'm not good at all at history, if you ask me anything about the Shogunate in Japan, Ming dynasty, Kievan Rus, Orthodoxy whatever i basically have no clue on what you're talking about. All i know about is Serfdom and Slavery comparisons. Could i still do well on the AP Exam? Also, when is the exam and how do i prepare for it starting around now (this month or in march up until test day)?

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  • 8 years ago
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    AP World is really not too bad. If you have some general knowledge of world history, you should be beyond fine.

    The only thing I would really suggest is that you try to keep the theme of "continuities and change" in the back of your head while studying. One of the free-response questions focuses on that theme, so it would be best if you actually knew it.

    Quick Tip: Make sure you don't dwell on ancient civilizations, they are a very small portion of the test, and it would be better to focus on the things that actually matter, check the College Board website for more information on the different things that are important that you will need to know!

    As far as preparation goes, I just used the Princeton Review AP World History book. I also used the Barron's AP World History book, but I didn't have enough time to finish it. My suggestion would be to use Barron's though. I really thought it was helpful and it gave a lot of insight into the continuities and change themes. However, the Princeton Review "blurbs" were also extremely helpful. So, if you are only planning on reading one book, read Barron's, if you are extra dedicated, read Princeton Review too.

  • 8 years ago

    Well, I can't help you with the answer key of your tests.

    BUT, with your next question about the AP Exam. Now I took the AP Exam last year, and I do have to say, be sure to study! If you want do well on the exam, you really must study. The exam actually asked about the Japanese Shogunate. During the AP exam, there were a lot of quotes to read. Be sure to make extra time for that, because that can slow you down. The AP Exam is usually in May. This year, the test is on May 16.

    Also, check out CrashCourse on youtube. They are really funny and briefly talk about world history during their videos. Highly suggest it!

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