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The Salvador Sanchez that drew with Juan Escobar, vs the Edwin Rosario that kayoed Edwin Viruet, 15 rounds,...?

who wins? The Salvador that was floored by and drew with Juan Escobar( many feel he lost) was definitely not a finished product.But would he have enough to deal with the super prospect Edwin Rosario, who kayoed the man who went 25 rounds with Roberto Duran, and not even hurt?

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    The Salvador Sanchez, who drew with Juan Escobar in 1978, was a very green 126 pounder. The Edwin El Chapo Rosario who beat Edwin Viruet in 1984, was a seasoned 135 lbs. This would be a mismatch, Rosario's punches would wear out a very inexperienced featherweight who had not even been considered to fight the likes of WBC Featherweight Champion Danny Little Red Lopez. El Chapo would stop Sanchez inside of eight rounds. The Sanchez of 1982, before his untimely death, would have moved up and possibly out boxed Rosario. Sanchez by this time had developed experience and beat the great Wlfredo Bazooka Gomez, KO 8, and broke Gomez's cheekbone in the process. And twice he stopped Danny Little Red Lopez. Rosario could deliver huge bombs as in his kayo's of Jose Lius Ramirez and Livingston Bramble. But in 1984, he had enormous trouble with Howard Davis, who out boxed him and avoided his treacherous bombs, and who many said won. The 1982 Sanchez would beat Rosario by unanimous decision.

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