10 points! DISK BOOT FAILURE insert system disk?

How do I fix this? I bought the hard drive a long time ago so I don't know if it came with any disk

Is my hard drive doomed and everything lost? How do I fix it please help me I'm freaking out!

i would rather fix this myself but worst case scenario do you suggest I bring it to the computer store or just buy a new hard drive?? Are all my documents gone?????

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  • 7 years ago
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    harddrive or laptop ?

    keep the broken harddrive once you remove it take it to a data expert and ask them to extract any data from it if they can

    if nothing is important on then just bin it

    its easy enough to get this done by yourself




    if this is a laptop harddrive pm me

    have 1 philips screwdriver handy

    remove pc plug and turn of the power supply wait 10 mins for it to discharge

    remove sides of case put on anti static wrist strap ground self to another metal object or pc casing

    remove cables from your harddrive gentle and then unscrew any screws holding harddrive to case keep these screws handy for your new harddrive

    once harddrive is removed from slot place in new harddrive keeping yourself grounded reattach new harddrive to case and plug in same wires from old harddrive into your new harddrive

    close casing up

    and replug your power lead to your powersupply and wall

    turn on pc

    hit f1 or f10 or delete to enter bios pop in windows 7 disk into the cd drive and then click or search threw the bios to boot from disc

    this will start windows 7 up

    allow it to installed have your internet connection connected up

    once its installed you will be prompted to register your copy with the product key enter this key and click accept or yes etc

    then it will verify your copy of windows 7

    if it doesnt come up with this

    start >> computer system propertys enter the key below if having issue use the auto dial option in other methods

    congrats new pc loading time should be much quicker then the old harddrive

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  • barile
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    3 years ago

    You broke it. And you want anyone who has not noticeable it to repair it. :-)) Are you certain that you've put the cables in the proper manner circular and in the right connector on the motherboard? What does the bios see by way of disks? Does it see the tough disk? Does it see the hard disk on bus zero or bus 1? Grasp or slave? It relatively *will have to* be grasp on bus 0 to work because the boot disk for home windows. If it doesn't see it and the cable is the right way round at each ends then... Something's damaged. If a 2nd tough force didn't fix it... And the wiring is correct... Then it looks like a motherboard failure. Or is the cable damaged? Or did you omit off some thing foremost like the power lead?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You're probably going to need a new hard disk. Sounds like your current disk has failed. Throw a new disk in and reinstall your OS and she'll be running like new. As far as your data, talk to the manufacture and see what they say.

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