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Is any health insurance system without "big government" feasible?

A health insurer makes money by charging a lot in premiums, and expending little in pay-outs. Hence, health insurers thrive when they do the exact opposite of what is good for society. If we require that health insurers cover certain conditions, accept people with pre-existing conditions, etc. then it becomes less viable to run a health insurance company, because the requirements prevent you from earning enough to stay afloat. The result is that government support is necessary to keep the industry going.

In short, is any health insurance system that doesn't involve "big government" feasible?

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    I think you've hit the nail directly on the head. Capitalism works great for some things, not so great for others. We have come to see profit as the ultimate good, the be-all and end-all of capitalism. So the top priority of our health care system is the profit of the handful of powerful corporations who own it. In order for their profits to soar, consumers must be satisfied with less service for higher cost. Tens of thousand of people have to die every year for lack of health insurance. In every other developed country, the top priority of the health care system is HEALTH CARE.

    Republicans like to insist government can't do a good job in health care. But in fact it's one of the best things government does! Medicare is a single payer system. It provides measurably as good are as commercial insurance but it saves us literally hundreds of billions of dollars a year. And it has higher customer satisfaction than commercial insurance! If we simply expanded Medicare to cover everyone we would save hundreds of billions more. But it wouldn't make rich investors richer, and it's those rich investors who sponsor campaigns, so that whole idea is a non-starter.

    Obamacare is a step in the right direction, I think. I do think it will be an improvement when fully implemented. But it's only a start. I think a single payer system is eventually inevitable because that's just the best way to do it, to make health care available to all regardless of financial status. That's why we have public schools, public roads, the public library.

    In a way, Obamcare only delays single payer, and I think this is why the Supreme Court allowed it. Even Obama wasn't able to propose anything that might hurt the profits of the health care industry. 8^< So Obamacare, like just about everything Obama has done, is 'half a loaf'. The Republicans like to paint him as a communist, an extremist, but in fact the problem with him is that he's not extreme enough!

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    No there can't be unless the insurance companies might want to consider a smaller level of profit.

    And that isn't going to happen, get the most you can is where they want to be.

    We got Obamacare but its not what we need, its what we could get through.

    Just using the Medicare pattern would have worked better, or even taking a look at how other countries, all of which have universal care run their systems and taking the best from all of them would have done us all much better, and in time that's what we will end up with.

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    Yes. And don't think Obamacare is going to help. The average minimum family coverage for a family of 4 will be $1666/month. Initially there is a "penalty" that is a lot cheaper. But it is not long term. And, Obamacare has no provision for capping premiums. None, zero, nada. So as the hospitals/doctors have to take on more .. premiums will go up.

    PS: I worked for 41 years and never paid over $200/month for health care .. 30 of those years I paid nothing at all. No government help at all. I retired in 2010. When companies are prosperous .. they pay for healthcare. .

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    The nations in the world that have the highest overall quality of life and healthy populations have a government run health care system.

    Nowhere is there a nation with a high quality of living and a healthy population that relies on a for-profit health care model

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    News flash! Health insurance was doing just fine for ALL it's history before Obamacare. Does this mean there wasn't room for improvement, of course not. A private sector push for catastrophic coverage and health savings plans would do wonders and drive down the cost of health care.

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    When you consider that insurance is a business that provides a service and you believe the governenment can do it better then you have to admit that you think the government can run any business better. Most businesses fold before they have a $16 trillion dollar debt. People who think the government can run everything better should start at the debt. It is still going up.

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    When the government gets involved it makes things worse.

    What makes you think the government can run healthcare?

    It can't even handle it's own finances.

    EDIT: A down-vote? That's what I get for opposing the utopia.

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    sure. before each thing, for sure conventional health-cover sucks. it is why we in Western Europe have it. we anticipate of, hmm, our healthcare gadget sucks. i comprehend, shall we shop it. i wager it is an similar with Japan and Canada besides. second, Obama could no longer usher in conventional healthcare. He needs to make coverage extra accessible to all. reality - the u . s . a . spends extra on healthcare in line with human being than the different united states on earth. reality - the US has larger lack of life rates for children elderly lower than 5 than western ecu international locations with conventional health coverage. that means that a useless American 4 365 days previous ought to have had a larger probability of existence in the experience that they were born in Canada, France, Cuba, Germany, Japan etc, all of which have conventional health coverage.

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    Well, we tried it up until a couple of years ago, and it was bankrupting our country, so I'll say no.

  • Bill
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    7 years ago

    If you enjoy being raped on premiums that is hunky dory.

    The (R) dream for nobility.

    Sounds nauseating to most.

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