Can I get into the University of Miami?

33 on ACT as a Junior

3.64 unweighted GPA

4.55 weighted

Leadership positions in student council

BPA state awards in Illinois

Taught religious ed for 5 years

100+ volunteer hours

Took AP world as a Freshman, AP Euro as a sophomore, 3 APs as a Junior, and will take 4 APs as a Senior

Any chance of scholarships of getting in?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Looking very good for admission but as for scholarships? Who knows?

    A lot has to do with your FAFSA "EFC".

    There is no guarantee that UM will come through for you so be prepared.

    Definitely apply to UIUC and UIC.

    Also I think UI-Springfield is a fun and worthwhile place depending on your major.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Im pretty sure you can. Your ACT scores aren't bad but I think you should take the SAT and do well. I was accepted to UM and I dare say it's a very competitive university when it comes to admissions (it's number 1 in Florida so you can imagine) I would advice you to bring up your unweighted GPA though. Try getting As and Bs ONLY

    About the scholarships I would say you'll probably get something but remember UM is pretty expensive ($48,000) and since it's a private University it's kind of hard to get financial aid.

    In case you really want to go to school in Florida I'd recommmend University of Florida (northern Florida) or FIU (southern Florida). Personally, I like FIU better since class size is relatively smaller; UF is highly ranked though.

    Good luck :)

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