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Eviction questions for Ohio?

My mom is being evicted in Ohio. The landlord is giving her a 14 day eviction. My mom is disabled and cannot afford an attorney. We are fine with moving her out but isnt everyone given 30 days to leave with no prior notice. They DO NOT have a contract or rental/lease agreement and never have. She has been month to month for 10 years. Any help would be great. We just want what is fair because I dont know how I am suppose to find a place and move her in 2 weeks. She fell behind in rent due to a problem with her checks. In 10 years she has not not paid rent and then she ran into these issues towards the end of the year. The landlord is acting like its a personal attack saying mom lied to her about what she was suppose to be paid. Mom has slight mental issues due to several strokes and passes on information as its given, sometimes speaking before she thinks. Like she told her that our refund would catch her up which we would have done BUT we hadnt filed yet. Mom didnt know this and the landlord got furious when she found out we hadnt filed, assuming Mom had lied when all she did was speak out of turn. I am not kidding you when I tell you we did everything for this woman, we paid for servicemen when we needed things done, paid for repairs, did work on her house for free, etc, etc, etc. We were promised better windows so our gas bill wasnt $300 a month, promised to have things fixed and replaced, none of it done. She always gave a sob story about having medical bills. Then when Mom needed something done she couldnt afford, Landlord got angry and threatened to have to sell the house. Mom was so scared to have to move she would say "dont rock the boat, we cant get kicked out" Well now she has turned around and used this against mom. My husband forked out over $2000 in remodel expenses that she said she would repay us for then said she didnt plan on spending that much. Sorry, I am rambling about this heartless You-Know-What!


We actually do live with Mom at this time so WE are going to rent a place and have her move in with us, I think she is giving all our names. I am not her renter and never have been so her commenting about me is libel or slander or whichever, lol. We were going to move her this summer anyway, it just kind of got messed up after her strokes and brain and artery surgery. I asked the Landlord to run things by me and not mom but then mom would stick her nose in and the landlord would listen to her. Its a real mess. I am totally fine with needing to leave but 14 days is not enough time to move a disabled person out. All we want is the allotted 30 days. She doesn't want the money either, we contacted a agency to help with that and she wouldn't hear of it. We hoped paying her up would allow us to move closer to spring but like I said after all we did for her, she is acting like this is a personal attack. Also she is not dependent on the money so that's not the case. I know it doesn

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    The 1st site I attached sounds more like what your mother is dealing with. Don't know if it would work, since the article was dated in 2006, so things could have changed.

    Sounds like even though month to month, this landlord is "dependent" on the lease income and has had enough. Plus with you doing work and not being reimbursed, sounds like he does not have the money to fix things like they should.

    Think about it this way, your mother has some medical issues and has lied to the landlord, so he has had enough. Since she promised to pay the back rent with her taxes, why not have it done asap, and then show him a copy of the "expected" refund she will get. That may hold him off?

    With her being evicted, she may have problems finding ANYONE to rent to her. She would need a deposit and most likely 2 months rent just to move in. Why not if she gets evicted, have mom move in with you and put her items in storage to allow more time to find a suitable place to live?

    Also, make an appointment with a lawyer for her legal rights. Many may give you 1 free consult to see if she has any "outs" to this eviction. You may also be owed for services/payment spent in the past on this house?

    good luck

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    The 30 days only applies to tenants that pay their rent and are asked to terminate a month to month tenancy.

    14 days is the first step in the eviction process for non-paying tenants or tenants that are consistently late. If she does not vacate in the 14 days, the landlord is free to go to court and have your mom legally removed from the property by the local sheriff. If this happens, finding another place to live wil be nearly impossible.

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    they could no longer in simple terms carry onto it till courtroom. in the event that they weren't going to notice it in direction of the soundness due, they'd desire to have refused the partial fee. they do no longer seem to be obliged to settle for partial funds. in the event that they won any funds from you, they'd desire to be utilized in direction of the returned due hire and eviction null. they'd desire to start a clean proceeding with new word to pay considering that they did settle for funds. although, in case you have the hire of the money, pay it genuine away. Take out a private mortgage or borrow it from somebody. in any different case, your landlord would be in courtroom on Jan 9. you may desire to then clarify to the decide which you attempted to pay portion of the hire.

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    have her refuse to leave. Im not sure how ohio renters law is, but like you said, I also think it is 30 days.

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