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Paloma Faith hair colour!?

I'd like to have the same colour of hair as Paloma Faith, but I'm not too sure about which dye to go for. I'll add pictures and if you could give me an idea of what dye colour to use, that would be great!

Thank you!

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    So, it honestly depends on:

    How dark your hair is and,

    How often you dye it already.

    I semi permanently dye my hair every 4-6 weeks, and it's really dark. This week I wanted the ends blonde, so used a L'Oreal brush in kit, which only slightly lightened it, making it light brown. Then I used LIVE COLOUR XXL MAX BLONDE and my hair is now the same orange as Paloma's :-)

    But going to a hair dressers would probably be the best option XD

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    Paloma Faith Hair

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    Hi, i have used colour b4 and it wasnt that exceptional- i used two bins over 2 days and it didnt go as mild as anticipated. It can be seeing that i'd been demise my hair darkish brown for about 4 yrs (semi permanent). Pronouncing that, it did take me to a brassy/gingery colour as a result of these colours making up brown hair dye. I consider you would get a greater outcome in the event you were to bleach the color out of your hair first, then put the l'oreal on.

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