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Is it illegal &a criminal offence to smoke or take Indian hemp?

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    Hemp is just a plant that contains very little THC, it is only illegal thanks to it's sibling Sativa and Indica who contain THC sought after as medical MMJ.

    The Hemp plant is extremely useful as both fibers (well documented) and fuel (less documented)

    I firmly believe that Hemp should be considered a legal crop, and that MMJ or THC producing plants should be made legal under different provisions as they do less hard than alcohol or tobacco. Provided of course that those previous substances be regulated according to medical harm to the body.

    EDIT: in answer to your question it's only illegal under federal law but legal under some state laws for medical use and two state laws for recreational use (CO and WA) but WA hasn't defined it in terms of production and selling. Federally, it remains illegal.

    Sure some Native American federal law exemptions make certain things legal for religious purposes (see peyote) but that doesn't excuse it's federal legality.

    Source(s): WA state resident and previous medical MMJ user (Legal under state law)
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    Criminal Records Search Database :

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