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請問 kick up the pants 這英文俚語

我有聽說過 "kick in the pants" 但是從來沒有聽過 "kick up thepants",不過根據我讀到的文章,大意似乎是類似英文裡的 suck it up 或是 get overit?!請英文達人指教,thank you very much :D


Lisa is a 17year old student. Her mother brought her to see a psychologist for sometreatment due to a history of small self-mutilation and her binge drinkingproblems. Lisa’s parents have recently divorced in acrimonious circumstancesand she has no contact with her father since the separation. Lisa’s mother hasa new boyfriend who is quite authoritarian and thinks Lisa just need a kick up the pants.Soon in the first session Lisa said to her therapist, “Why are you evenbothering, what’s the use?” 另外,請那些在英文版只會網路、Google 或是字面翻譯的網友不要回答;你們的舉動對我的發問沒有任何益處!!!

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    Both "kick in the pants" and "kick up the pants" are used in daily English conversation. However, they don't mean the same.

    "Kick in the pants" is the same as "kick in the butt (a-s-s, teeth, rear)," basically, it has two possible meanings (use as a noun):

    (1) a push for motivation

    (2) a setback or disappointment (rarely used this way)

    "Kick up the paints" can only mean "give someone a boost," which is similar to the first meaning of "kick in the pants".

    By the way, "kick in the pants" can be used as an adjective, it means "extremely fun or/and humorous". For example:

    I have a real kick-in-the-pants time at the concert.

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    For the meaning of "extremely fun or/and humorous", you can read more about it at this link:

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    和kick as.s 差不多,但是kick as.s是比較粗劣的

    但是kick up the pants是帶有幽默的或中性的

    樓主可以自行想像Tom and Jerry裡Tom被踢屁股的場景

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    a kick up the arse/backside (British & Australian very informal)

    if you give someone a kick up the backside, you do or say something to try to stop them being lazy 類似, 不要再懶散了 要振作起來的意思

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    所以: a kick up the pants 應該就是 a kick up the arse.的意思

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