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Is this a good fat burning workout?

Hi im Robert I'm 15 and have kind of a little teeny bit of a weight problem it's not so bad like the recommended weight for my height is 120 pounds and I'm like 130-135 but it all goes to my gut so I have a pretty big gut. I want loose this so have started doing a small workout every night before I take a shower I do as follows: 4 sets of 30 sec planks, 100 sec in a lunge position on both legs, 30 squats but I increase by 5 each day (I've only done this for 3 days now), 1 minute and 30 sec of running on the spot, 100 jumping jacks, and I go on a 30 min walk around the neighbor hood earlier in the day. I also am allergic to gluten, dairy, eggs, and nuts so I'm limited with grains and nuts but my diet contains a lot of soymilk and I don't eat any candy (not allergic just don't like it)and don't eat many things like cookies or brownies. So now you know that I want to know if there is and ways to improve what I'm doing in my exercise or what i can do diet wise and if you can it would also be great to have a general idea of when this belly (And theigh/bum area) will lose its excess fat. I'm not looking for trolls for this, this is serious and I would people who have experience with this stuff to answer please and thank you. :)

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    you have to get moving to burn fat

    you need cardio exercise for 30-40 mins a session

    4 days a week

    then do your toning exercises before that better yet so u burn the carbs then u go for your run

    or after, but better before

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