good ideas for a funny youtube video?

i need an idea for a youtube video that i can make at home, that could get popular.

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  • Sri
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    8 years ago
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    -Funny Youtube Video ideas

    1. Have a karaoke party and sing your favorite songs in different tunes

    2. Make a funny skit about two people that have a slumber party

    3. 2-4 people have a "gossip session"

    4. Have a funny dance party with stupid, weird, crazy and funny dances

    5. Do a vlog (video blog) about daily life or a recent event or something

    6. A tutorial for something funny (ex. how to be a ninja, how to blow up a melon, etc.)

    7. Do something really random that no viewer would've expected

    8. A funny weird experiment (ex. mixing vinegar and apple juice and seeing what it looks and tastes like, etc.)

    9. An experiment with FOOD (ex. mixing ice cream, mustard, and onions and tasting it, etc.)

    10. A reenactment of a dream-make it funny

    11. Take a stuffed animal, put it up to the camera, and talk for it. Make it really funny!

    12. A commercial for something you wish existed

    13. Your stuffed animals having a party when you're not home and come home to find drunk stuffed animals

    14. Pretend to be stuck in something and no one around to help you so entertain yourself

    15. Pull a funny prank on a friend or family member-make sure to get it on video if they get pissed at you!

    16. Make a parody of a music video

    17. If your parents aren't home, do things you aren't supposed to and get it on video but make sure they don't see it

    18. Have a food fight.

    19. Prank call someone and say really weird stuff

    20. Be someone from a different religion or contient and be funny

    21. Do a room tour or a house tour

    22. Explain your favorite YouTube videos and reenact them in a funny way

    23. Do a funny video or skit about a recent or upcoming holiday

    24. Invent something weird

    25. Pretend to be Britney Spears or Ke$ha

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    attempt some greater unique stuff which you haven t already seen one hundred cases (like cat video clips and toddler video clips). for occasion, reenactinc a scene from a typical action picture or making a parody out of it.

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