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When will my Swiss Shepherd puppy start barking at strangers?

Im a 13 years young boy and Ive got a White Swiss Shepherd puppy (like a white german shepherd ive been told) she is 5 months old im just wondering when will she start to bark or protect? Will she bark and alert me if someones approaching my house? Is her breed used as a protection dog or will she even bark at strangers? Thanks :))

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    1. It is good that she isn't barking at strangers yet. I have a German Shepherd and when young puppies bark at people/everything it is because they are scared. You want a CONFIDENT dog who will *only* bark when there is real danger and NOT a scared dog who will bark at neighbors or your friends when they come over.

    2. Expose your puppy to lots of situations by going to different parks, obedience class, taking lots of walks, having people who like dogs over. Give your puppy lots of treats and rewards when she is calm and quiet or sits or lays down. If she is nervous, barking, pulling around then try training in a quieter place.

    3. German Shepherds do not normally need to be trained to bark at loud noises- most guard type breeds will give a few barks at least when a stranger approaches the house.

    4. If you do need to train her to bark (and I would wait until she is about a year old to do this to prevent her from wanting to bark non-stop) then you can get her super excited when playing and she will probably bark- when she barks give a treat. Keep doing this and then teach her a word for it. Most German Shepherds are VERY vocal and it is VERY easy to get them to get excited and bark.

    5. After you teach her to bark ask a friend to help you. You want her to bark when someone walks up to the house, but not when someone just walks down the treat. Only give the bark command when she can see your friend walking up to the house and give her treats for being quiet when your friend walks down the street.

    6. It is also very important that you have your dog practice sitting or laying down calmly away from the door while you let friends in. If you don't do this she might get very excited when people come in and try to jump on them or bark- this is really scary for some people and just bad doggie manners in general.

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    The dog is just a puppy and may not become territorial until 12-18 months of age or even longer.

    No they are not used as protection dogs.

    No dogs fully protect unless trained to do so.

    More info on the swiss shepherd >>

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    No. You need to train your dog to do those things. Only actual guard breeds such as Dobermans will naturally do it. Do not attempt to train your dog any form of aggressive behaviour even just barking at your age. You would need to contact a professional ZTP dog trainer for this.

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    When she is old enough to know that she has territory to protect. She is just a baby right now & this is just a little bit too much for her now. You gotta let her grow up first.

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