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Hi, I've been working on crafting the your eternal reward knife and I accadentaly used my cloak and dagger watch to make a scrap metal..... I forgot I needed it to make a your eternal reward, and I know you get it by getting the Spy Milestone 2 Achievment. I need another one, so is there another way to get one? (I'm not paying for it)

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  • 7 years ago
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    The game has a random drop system that will randomly give you items every hour or so (though there is a limit to the items you can get per week). You have to hope that you'll find another Cloak and Dagger this way. Or, you might get lucky and find a Your Eternal Reward, so you won't need to craft.

  • 7 years ago

    The only option would be to keep playing the game and hope you get it. But if you have bought other things before then you could see if anyone has it by asking them to trade. that is not a popular item because people dont use spy that often so you shouldnt have a hard time getting it for cheap. Just dont look desperate for it because then people will bump up the price.

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