Guys and girls-How can you tell if a shy guy likes you? (most guys I know are pretty shy so...)?


I show ALMOST nothing as I am very shy and reserved. The only thing I show is blushing.

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  • 7 years ago
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    id hv 2 disgr wid u rflmoshlai. i men... mi, miself am a shigi.... bt i hlp my frnd liek cmnd skrt 7 or cmnd trd wid pepl bt i nvr leik dos gurl. dos gurl r ngrs nd dey du nt blng in mi hud. if i rly leik dem, i wud y0L0 nd as|< dem ut fr dinr. if dey sy ys, dey luv u nd wnt to bi wid u. if dey n0, slp dat fac leik u men it. yoLo prposs. fllow my way.............


    ......... daRchrdBrnsh wy...... meg@y0l0 kizz kisz xoxo gud lck. als0 i m lokin fr 7 cmrd skrt..... nd brdmthr legndry spdr hed. ad mi on dta-trad . com @heshteg #at

  • 7 years ago

    ok frnd,vnase lisen gurl.frm mi pst exprince,shy guyz r vry hrd 2 reed.dey r liek dixonary frm anther,plz lisen carfly 2 my tips n trix.i kno 4 a faqt dat shyguyz wil alwysz do hapy face(liek smile) nd giv vry niec cumplimnts.also if dey r hapy 2 c u evry tiem nd do u favors(such as for exmeple:bying wardz,comend trede,serch for comndr skrt etc etc etc).so,u jst nid 2 adaptt nd reed him liek ez comik bouk.okAY gurl?gl hf vaneas!

    PS:sry inglis nt mi frst langege, i am frm slavbard and jan mayen sry,

    PSS:have 3 pglgs,3 lntrns want offerz plz(mebe alqmist sweq probblay)

  • Koi
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    7 years ago

    It depends on the guy. He may hope that the girl makes the first move so he's certain of her feelings, or he may make an effort to talk to you more and to get out of his comfort zone.

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