After the Jerry Sandusky trial, will boys and men like Aaron Fisher ever be touched again?

Now that the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial is over, wouldn't you agree that boys and men of any age, any size, any weight and any height will never, ever be touched in any way, shape and form ever again?

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    Probably a sure bet Jerry won't be doing much mischief for a while. The awareness raised by the trial may have helped prevent some activity, and it may embolden other victims to come forward sooner. Also, it may help those reporting such crimes to do the right thing and not shy away from involvement.

    Of course, only time will tell. Arresting one murderer does not stop murders from happening again. Giving a ticket to one speeder does not bring all drivers into compliance with the speed limits.

    This poses a problem as far as your question is concerned.

  • No, they will be touched by other perverts who think they can get away with it. Most of them probably have never heard of the Jerry Sandusky trial, but even if they had, it wouldn't make a difference. The pervs have urges they must satisfy. Jerry Sandusky himself may be out of it for a while, but eventually he will get back into it.

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