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What do you guys think of my La Liga start XI (No malaga,Barca,RM, Valencia, ATM)?

GK - Andres Fernandez (OSA)

LB- Siqueria (Granada)

CB - Moreno (Espanyol)

CB - Iñigo martinez (Real Sociedad)

RB - Iraola (Athletic Bilbao)

CDM - Mikel San jose (Athletic B)

CM - Beñat (Real Betis)

CM - Dominguez (Rayo Vallecano)

LW - Antoine Griezmann (Real Sociedad)

ST - Leo Baptistão (Rayo Vallecano)

RW - Ruben Castro (Real Betis)

- How would this team do against teams against Chelsea, Man U, Man C, Tottenham, Arsenal, Everton and Newcastle

- How about this teams like Stoke City, Norwich City, swansea city, Aston Villa, Reading, and QPR


Agui - Parejo is in Valencia idiota and I didn't have space to put no Sevilla, I try to put players from other teams, in that I would put Pardo instead of chori. Callate Agui this is a good formation so far

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    7 years ago
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    Where in the fück is Jesus Navas ? Gary Medel ?

    Dani Parejo ?

    Chori Castro ?


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    7 years ago

    It wouldn't win against anyone in the 1st batch.

    In the second batch, Swansea would win, Stoke would give a hard game, the others your team would probably win. Although Reading have a chance.

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  • Would not win in the first batch ( maybe win newcastle)

    But will win all in second batch ( esp aston villa and qpe)

    Get navas and chori

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  • 7 years ago

    Ruben Castro is the only player in that list I've ever heard of!

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