I need Help to decide weather I'm in a good position for College or Not?

I just came from India and right know im a sophomore so far i have taken mostly CP courses as i didnt know if i could handle honors (my GPA so far is above 4) i am taking one honors class and i realized that honors wasnt hard. Next year i will be taking mostly honors classes and doubling up in subjects like maths and Science. I have also been working on the SATs and im going to try my best. For my freshmen year my report card will be the one i got from India the grades are not being changed or recalculated according to America grading system. Will this benefit me or harm me? and if everything goes as planned am i in a good position to go to a good college? and if not what do i need to do?(i will take some AP courses in senior year).


My extra curricular sport is track, im also a member of our schools FRC Robotic team and im thinking about joining the basketball team or soccer team next year.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Since you are starting on the SAT's early, you can always take them again if they don't go as well as planned. I think you should go to college. I don't think it will look badly that some of your grades are from India. If you get good grades here, it will look even better because it shows that you can get good grades here and in India. If you can speak english well enough to write this question (which was well-written), then I think you should be fine. You'll definitely get in to college, maybe not the best one, but you are far more dedicated than some American students.

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