What is a good place for a last name tattoo on women?

So my dilemma is that I have 9 tattoos already. I have one on my foot, one on my ankle, one on the side of my leg, one on my wrist, one on each boob, one behind my ear, one on my shoulder and one on the back of my neck. I have plans to get a half sleeve on my right arm, and a tree and a date on on my right wrist. Now if you're gunna tell me tattoos are trashy go right ahead. I really do not care what you think, I just want opinions. I am not going to base my decision solely on the answers I receive on here. I have some ideas of my own as to where to get it, I just would like to see what other people think. All my tattoos have some sort of meaning to me, I don't get a tattoo just for the sake of getting a tattoo. The reason I have chose my last name is because no matter what it will always be apart of me. Even if I get married I will still have a connection to my last name.


If you're going to give me stupid answers don't even bother answering. Grow up.

3 Answers

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