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GBP doesn't market HWs, only showcases Latino fighters?

ok hear me out....

at first i thought GBP would be good for boxing, but now i'm not so sure....

i think there is a direct link between GBP and

-the lack of quality HWs outside of Eastern Europe,

-the diminishing interest for boxing in the US, and

-the lack of young Black talent from welter to HW

GBP seems more and more like Latino Showcase Promotions....problem is, we already have Bob Arum for that. GBP seems to serve two main purposes:

-get as many Latinos on TV as possible

-find older names to pad the records of their young prospects

GBH seems to have a very narrow scope of who their viewing audience is. they seem to be All Chips In with the Latino market, and not really concerned about much else.....and that, if ANYTHING is killing boxing.....not all these cliches about the next HW champ being a power forward in the NBA, that's just a tired @ss cop out

think about it...what is promoting? its, who has GBP being marketing to?

have they done a good job marketing big men in the States?

have they built up any non Latino fighters?

have they put on many interracial matchups that get the public interested and excited?

compare this to the work of Don King, who marketed ALL fighters: Black, White, and Latino...

hell, his biggest cash cow in the 80s and 90s outside of Mike was Julio Ceaser Chavez....

not to mention, king sought out matchups that sparked public interest like Holmes vs Cooney, and other controversial type matches....those type of matchups sell, and reach a wider audience

oh, and King kept our HW didvision STOCKED, where as today it has all been forgotten about by Arum and GBP, the two major promoting firms active today

if you ask me, this is a subject that should be discussed more when talking about boxing's current status




@ Sean G....your mention of James Kirkland is a perfect illustration. Kirkland is an exciting brawler with a fan friendly style, and American Pride. why is he not fighting 3X a year? i cant even remember his last fight......he NEVER capitalized off his spectacular win over Alfredo Angulo....i have to call his promotional team into question

Update 2:



.@ Mondo .....King JUMPED on any white fighter available, cause he knew white people were a big part of the market.....look at how many chances Andrew Golota got at belts and at big paydays....i believe he was connected to Tommy Morrison and Jeff Fench as well.,..there just weren't as many white fighters to pick from, most white people have office jobs

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    I think the game has changed. I believe Golden Boy is trying with Seth Mitchell and Deontay Wilder, but the fact is the Eastern Euros are so much better in that division. Being based on the west coast and Oscar being Mexican American he does understand the demographic market of Mexican American fans. He tried to get Hopkins to help with the Eastcoast black market...not so successful yet, but give them time. They promote Broner (the future of the game), Mitchell, Wilder, Peterson, Danny Garcia, K9 Bundrage, B Hop, Daniel Jacobs, James Kirkland, Peter Quillin, Gary Russell, and Keith Thurman...

    Golden Boy could do themselves a favor by creating a 140 tourney...they have all interesting fighters there...Garcia, Matthysse, Peterson, Khan, Broner, Maidana...

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