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How to get my family to accept knife throwing?

Well I am a 15 year old girl, and for sport I throw knives. I find it very relaxing, and it helps because I suffer from a bad anxiety disorder. My family although doesnt like it too much. My dad gave me the knives, but my mom and her whole side of the family totally disagrees with it. There has been one little accident; last night the knife ricocheted and cut my leg a tiny bit. My family freaked out and told me that I'm asking for trouble and that a woman shouldn't be throwing knives and etc. how should I convince them I am safe?? I've tried my hardest already.

Thanks! :)

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    I used to throw a knife at a target in the back yard. My brother taught me.

    It sounds like you are NOT safe throwing a knife. Where do you do your knife-throwing? Why are you standing so close to the target that you'd get hit by a ricochet?

    Maybe you should try some other hobby since you don't seem to have proper training, your family is against it, and you probably don't have a safe place to do it (so that you don't get hit by a ricochet).

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    Wait wait you suffer an anxiety disorder and you decide throwing knives is the best option???

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