Are the Baby Boomers the most selfish generation?

Jobs for life during incredibly prosperous times, and they still whinge like stuck pigs?

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  • 8 years ago
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    As an early edge Baby Boomer, I think our generation has failed badly after our young adulthood. We opened minds with avant garde literature and art and ways of thinking, we stopped the Vietnam war, and we helped with civil rights. Then we stopped all that, got married, started tending our lawns, and paying mortgages. We pulled in and did not continue our watch on human rights violations in all ways. Worse, we did not communicate our values and idealistic view of life to our children and grand children. We just let them float.

    As a result of the BB failure during middle and old age was the Me generation and the messes following of people watching out for #1 first and only.

    BBs also ran the banks and wall street which encouraged the younger employees to run wild. BBs also went to sleep in the voting booth and gave away American rights and freedoms which will haunt the nation for centuries. For a generation that started with a powerful consience, it went lazy and squandered what the WW2 generation gave.

    Source(s): am 69
  • 4 years ago

    McCain isn't a 'toddler boomer,' he's only too previous. His technology is frequently stated as 'the silent technology' and has had no president, as yet. he's clearly they're final shot. The ultimate Dems are all boomers, even the 'youthful green' Obama replaced into born interior the ideal few years of the growth. Gen-X has the halmarks of yet another 'lost technology' and could probable by no potential grant a president. And, bear in strategies, that advances in medical care are extending the two the span and high quality of existence. that's probable we are going to have 'boomers in workplace for yet another 30 years.

  • 8 years ago

    i think you're behind the times in that jobs for life in prosperous times are certainly not available in many first world countries - and the prosperous times you haven't researched enough to make that statement. the baby boomers are the pensioners now - in which country are they not entitled to whinge?

  • 8 years ago

    No, it seems you are the one whining.

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