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native english tutor

my boy is 4.5 years old and looking for a native english tutor.

Student is also welcome.

major duty - normal english conversation.

near mongkok mtr

HK800 - 1000 per month

how many days per a week - depands on teacher's schedule.

how many hours per a lesson - depands on teacher's schedule.

time preferable - week day within 4:30 to 6.30 pm

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    I so happened to see your post on seeking for an English mentor for your son, and I do believe that if I have the chance, can help boost his English language in a couple different ways.

    I can speak English fluently (with a little bit of American accent) and have my own sets of materials (which is optional) to assist my tutoring.

    I do have relevant experience of teaching English to F3 students and has proved to help them achieve a higher grade in the subject. But just to make it clear, the major reason that I am an English mentor is to hope to get people ingrained with the language and also develop all-round knowledge on it instead of aiming for higher grades alone.

    2013-02-24 22:17:31 補充:

    Email me if you are interested, the price can be fixed.

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    Native speaker is a person who speaks the language as their first language and has not learned it as a foreign from New York, America.

    It dep(e)nds.

    Many native English speaking students become native English tutors and charge the same.

    As they don't speak Chinese, their normal English conversation would be:-3 day/wk x 2 hr x 4 wk =24 x 300= $7200.

    It would be preferable to teach yourself at home.

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    For your information, a native English tutor would normally charge at least $300 per hour.

    I dont know if there are many native English speaking students offering tutorial services or how much they charge.

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