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help me restore my faith...?

ive grown up in a catholic household, baptized at 4 months old. faith was never a big thing for me until a couple of years ago when i felt i needed to become closer to god. i started going to a baptist youth group about 2 and a half years ago where we talked about god and shared our stories. at the time i thought my faith became stronger and stronger. i always felt god was on my side. id pray everyday. i enjoyed sharing my faith and beliefs with people. i bought a bible. i read it. i felt like nothing could stop me if god was with me. in the past month ive been going through so much crap. im just mentally and spiritually drained. one night, a little over 2 weeks ago i hit my breaking point, id never been so depressed and sad in my entire life. i basically just told myself im giving up on god, because if hes not getting me through this, whats he ever going to get me through? ive just been drifting further and further since. every time i talk about my faith i feel like im lying, i kind of am lying. i just want to hear gods voice. i hear so many people talking about how god has talked to them. its never happened to me, no matter how hard i pray. i went to a camp with my youth group last year and the "speakers" there wanted to teach everyone how to talk to god and the whole speaking in tongues thing. everyone who tried to have this experience, did. apart from me. id just sat there like, god? where are you. i did feel his presence, but was it just in my mind? i had about 5 or 6 people praying on me at the same time, as well as me praying. nothing happened. all i felt was frustration. why cant god speak to me? now i just feel like i cant be bothered praying or reading my bible or going to church or anything. im at the point where i need rescue. i cant deal with this. i just wanna quit work and school and go home for a year. put my life on hold. but is that just because im struggling with my faith so much? can anyone help me? this is killing me.

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    Hi, Jack.

    Please allow me some time to read you details in depth and get back with you ...... I will be praying for you.


    Hello, Jack. I will write more later. But in the meanwhile, i want you to go and read 1Cor. 12:1 - 13: 3. Then pull out your Strong’s Concordance and look up and read any scriptures having to do with “the gifts of the Spirit” and “the fruit of the Spirit”. I am charismatic myself, believing in speaking in tongues/etc., but it makes me furious when charismatic people teach people that ALL Christians are supposed to speak in tongues ... leaving them feeling like God is rejecting/etc. them if they don’t. . You go read those. And i will write further later. But those should begin to help, okay? . Jesus has NOT rejected you; remember how He said, “Anyone who comes to Me, I will in no wise cast out” and “I will be with you even until the end of the earth.” . So, you go read those ---- and you believe God/Jesus Christ, not any person. Okay?


    I’m back, Jack.

    I won’t be listing any scriptures, but that is only to save space. I am guessing that you will probably know the scriptures i am referring to ... but if you don’t, i believe your pastor, being a Baptist, most likely will.

    . I heard Dr. Jim Dobson say something many years ago: “Christians are the only army that shoots its own wounded.” But i have found from my own experience and those of others, that we have also become an army that doesn’t allow them to even admit that they are wounded and to ask for help ... and demands that they continue fighting despite their massive injuries. The Word of Faith teachings currently common in the many of the charismatic denominations do that to people ~~~ and did that to me, too. It made me feel like it was my fault because i was having problems and struggles and that i wasn’t praying enough or didn’t have enough faith or i wouldn’t be having these struggles .... or something .....

    The thing is, Jack, that is NOT what Jesus and God the Father are like. God knows when we are hurting, when we are struggling, and how to minister to us ---- and He not only ALLOWS us to be real about when we are hurting and struggling but WANTS us to be and wants us tell Him about it. The Old Testament is FULL of examples of this, but my personal favourites are Elijah when he fled the queen’s threats and Moses when He talked with him at the burning bush.

    We know that Jesus is a friend of sinners, but do you remember how the Bible also says how He will not break a cracked reed flute or put out an ember that is just about to go out? And the Gospels are full of examples of Him ministering to and healing the hurting and wounded and struggling people. He is, after all, our Good Shepherd Who cares for us ... He is our Helper and Healer. Do you remember He also said, “In this world you will have troubles; but fear not, I have overcome the world ... I will never leave you nor forsake you ... Behold, I will be with you even until the end of the age.”

    The good thing is that you are in a Baptist church and that denomination tends to be real and allows its members to be real. Go to your pastor and share with him what you are experiencing and struggling with.

    Please allow me to recommend that you follow-up with other resources that have helped me; they all have websites. New Life Ministries. Hank Hanegraaff/The Bible Answer Man/The Bible Reseach Institute/ The Church of God In-ternational, specifically Mount Paran North Church of God/Dr. Mark L. Walker/in Marietta, Georgia, United States. Max Lucado. David Jeremiah. Family Life Today. Focus on the Family. Christian Counsellors Association of America.

    . There is something else i think might help you; pull up the lyrics for the song “The Warrior is a Child”, because, no matter what, you are the precious little child and son of God the Father and Jesus Christ.

    . I don’t have much more space here, Jack, but that should help you at least a little bit and help point you in the right direction to find more help.

    . And, of course, read your Bible and allow Him to speak to you through that ... especially John and Psalms (i heard someone say that the Bible is God’s love letter to His children).

    . I will be praying for you, my brother in Jesus Christ.

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    To start off, it can be very admirable that you worry about his spiritual state. Numerous different men and women do not care. Good on you for that. Just a few ideas, and you do not relatively have to reply them when you don't consider comfortable doing so. How old is he? I am thinking you two are nonetheless young. So much as day-to-day counts, God nonetheless has time to work on him. God always has a plan. You shared miracles that happened to you, and not to him. Perhaps miracles haven't occurred to him yet? Things that, prefer to you, would make him more compelled to believe in things with out scientific proof. If he acquired his new found "there is no God" belief from Anthropology class, there shall be matters in the world outside that will happen to him to make him flip back to his faith. He wouldn't even recall that anthropology factor when it does. All we want is faith in God, and prayer for him. He doesn't even must know you are praying for him. God will transfer when and where you and that i can not. There are various things that cannot be established on this world, however it would not exchange the truth that these same matters are actual. Confidently he'll realize that. Or perhaps he wouldn't even need that to turn back to God. These things are different for every body in any case, correct? Do not lose hope. Probably I did not relatively reply your query. But i am hoping it provided just a little alleviation. I know how bothering it's to have your big other begin losing faith. I will be praying for each of you. :) God bless.

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    There is God. Here is God. How can that be? Yet it is. Let it be for you also, my friend.

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    Believe in yourself,not in any religion.Winners make the rules while losers follow the rules,especially in religion and politics.The more you tried to get closer to God,the more you will discover that you are being exploited by selfish and greedy theologians,who are doing everything possible to sustain their means of livelihood.The Gospel story was fabricated.So,if you go to church,just know that you are there to socialise,nothing more.

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    You want God to be on your side. What are you doing to be on God's side?

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    Well don't take what I say as anything but personal...You are making God do things your way...Just act right and move on. You could be an atheist and see all your family killed in several modern countries. You are suffering because you're human. Don't take a break that will depress you to a suicidal degree. Get up, do your daily duty, be grateful and realize you will die sooner or later and live without expecting a surprise party.

    You need nutrition, sleep, a regular schedule, a hobby. Stop the toy Elijah crap.

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    Everyone feels distant from God sometimes. It's normal. God can use it to strengthen your faith; so that you learn to trust Him in all circumstances.

    "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” -Joshua 1:9

    "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" -Jeremiah 29:11

    Here is a letter from God to you:

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    Get over the fact that there is no God. Just people that have lied to you all of your life. So no wonder you cant hear something that does not exists.

    So, get a grip, go out have some fun and stay in school.

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