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Are you/Were you in band?

Just wondering. If so, care to share some fun band memories? Did you ever go to band camp, like not the marching one that we all go to on like Aug 1st, but like a concert band one where you audition and get placed in a band & its usually at a college or high school? Care to share band camp memories? I'll come on & share some later because i'm on my phone & its a lot to touch right now.


Here are a few camp memories.

-So in our dorms we had the privilege of having one of the only rooms with a microwave. So we decided to see what would happen if we microwaved a bag of doritos. It caught on fire. We didn't know what to do so we picked it up off the microwave plate & stuck it in the mini fridge.

-So I've been going to this same camp since the 7th grade (I was like 13) & Ive always had the same sectionals teacher and he knows me as No Es Posture & I know him as Abercrombie Bubble.

-Last year, my floor planned a flashmob.

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    Yeah. Tenor Saxophone, 3rd/4th chair (we have playing tests, and me and the other 7th grader scored the same, the two 8th graders tied one point better than us) out of 4, 7th/8th Grade Band.

    There's this kid in the trumpet section who gets in trouble all the time. The director normally makes him leave and sit in his office, then the director yells at him after band. Once he was still talking in the office, and the director went in to talk to him in the middle of band, and one of the 8th graders in my section yelled "Sh!t just got real!" And then the director came back out and gave him detention.

    One of the barisax players stole the director's baton and threw it at the ceiling. It stuck, and we got it down by throwing pencils at it like throwing knives.

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    I play flute in my school band. It is always so much fun! I can always be found in the band room! I usually organize the band room most of the time:) I always have the best times with my section and the band! One time my friend sitting next to me got attacked by an iPod that fell from the ceiling! It was the funniest thing ever!

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  • I'm in band! Yay band <3 I don't get to join marching band until a year after most people do, though, since our school districts wacky. I therefore have never gone to any kind of band camp. I do have some funny just plain band memories, though...

    *The time my instructor brought in his RC helicopter, crashed it into the ceiling, and almost killed the flute section.

    *The time my instructor started conducting so fast, his baton flew out of his hand and almost took out an eye in the flute section.

    *The time my instructor wore the flashing trumpet to school (last week, actually).

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    No, but I've always wanted to be in band.

    I play violin and piano (I'm in orchestra) so my mom thought that was enough.

    Band camp sounds like fun though...

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    I was in grade 6 & 7, but i stopped in grade 8 because the people in it bothered me haha. The only really reason why i was in it was because my music teacher said i was great, and that i should be in band. I'm in grade 9 now, i'm not going to join it. But i did take music.

    At the end of each year we would go to Canada's Wonderland. So that was fun. One year, it was a really rainy day, so hardly anyone was there! We pretty much had the whole amusement park to ourselves. No lineups!

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  • Nope. I haven't done anything music related. :)

    I'm just too shy to sing and I don't think I'm good, anyway. I always get so nervous when put in front of a large or even a small audience. -.-'

    But.... occasionally I DO sing to myself when I'm all alone. xD

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    I've always wanted to be in one, but no. A friend I once had talked about it once though with me. She said that she could be the lead singer and maybe I could be backup. Yeah. She wasn't a very good friend.

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    In third grade my friends and I were 'The Skulls' a band who never actually did anything.

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  • I used to be in the orchestra and the chorus. There was no band camp, not in my school. There's no money for it, budgets get cut off all the time. There's one for college though, and I've been asked to join it, I'm thinking about doing the whole 12 weeks in the summer plan, I'll get a credit and play guitar everyday it's gunna be awesome.

    I thought you were talking about a band band for a second, an actual band. I have jammed and played with bands before but I'm not in my own. :/

    I don't play violin anymore and I don't sing classical opera, I kind of lost it but I play guitar now.

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    Yeah, i played the clarinet and a little of the drums. I didnt have to audition since i was a beginner, but to be in concert band (when you play in shows and parades), i had to audition. Never been to band camp, but it sounds awesome. Unfortunately, i didnt continue band in my school, although i play at home.

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