I want to earn money with adsense. Which niche should I use?

It is to mention that I am a programmer and don't enjoy writing articles


Can someone tell me more about plr articles? Are they good for search engine?

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  • Jake
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    7 years ago
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    Content is what drives traffic unless you thought up a clever service of sorts, generally writing about things people spend money on suffices, really the bigger issue is to find a niche you can get to rank highly in the search engines, one of the properties of the ultimate niche site is an exact match keyword domain name, hard to come by these days.

    There are programmatic ways to get content, you could aggregate rss feeds, or do something more blackhat like an auto blog that scrapes content on a particular topic from other sites, these auto blogs were more success a few years ago.

    One can get articles written for a site for about $3 for basic filler articles, you can find PLR packs of 10 - 30 prewritten articles on a subject for very little money, to get any search ranking they have to be rewritten to look unique, you can oursource rewriting for not very much or use a dreaded software Spinner to make it unique, you won't find quality authority sites using such content.

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