Anyone know if the VA/ATF(E) letters to vets DISARMING them is legit?

Today one of my Soldiers brought up a topic in which I could not believe. He said that the VA was sending letters out to Veterans telling them that they are too incompetent to own weapons and cannot own, buy or sell a weapon. They must turn in all weapons owned or they would face fines, jail time or both. Has anyone, or does anyone know of someone who has received such a letter? Supposedly the ATF(E) is sending similar letters.


I'm thinking this is the reason why the Media show pics of Christopher Dorner in his Navy Uniform... to justify that Vet's are "Dangerous"... Even though he most likely got very little actual weapon "training" being in the Navy Reserves.

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    8 years ago
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    I saw a copy of this. Yes, the VA can make a determination that you are unfit to handle your own finances. You can contest that within 60 days by submitting information to the contrary, like a doctor's statement. That determination does affect your right to possess, buy, transport, etc. but it isn't necessarily a permanent ban, just that they think you need help. Read the explanation to question 11f on this form:

    I saw the letter halfway down the page on this site:

    Just offering the information. I assume Social Security could do the same thing but since the VA offers medical care they may have more latitude. Understand, I'm not saying that they're right.

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    Not a change regarding Veterans (or anyone else) who has been declared LEGALLY INCOMPETENT.

    Vet or not, I do not want anyone declared legally mentally incompetent owning firearms.

    Source(s): ***** 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran - Former Navy Airborne Electronic Warfare Officer
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    This is the second time I heard of this question today ???

    Have not Seen or Heard of such a letter as yet...

    There is a very long Legal/Medical process that must

    be followed before any Veteran is Declared as Incompetent...

    Extremely Few are ever Declared Incompetent...

    and none of them because they were Violent...

    99% of those with PTSD are Non Violent and are

    by NO means Incompetent...

    The Administration is extremely afraid of the Military...

    as they know what they are doing is so wrong...

    So much so that if one of them visits any Military Base

    the Troops that will be around them have to be "DisArmed even in a War Zone"...

    That speaks volumes...George Soros and his OWO at it again...

    They have already Labeled Veterans as "Home Grown Terrorists"...

    Source(s): Retired Marine...VSO...
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    8 years ago
    Source(s): US Army Veteran
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    8 years ago

    Unless the vets in question have been INVOLUNTARILY committed to mental hospitals, there is NO legitimate reason to disarm them. But the O-Bomb and his minions will try anyway.

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