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Agricultural Science: Fill in the Blank?

Please provide the word or words to complete the following statements.

1. __________ of the beef cow and __________ of the beef industry are the two main factors that cause the cattle cycle.

2. Calves are weaned at _________ to _________ months of age.

3. Normal average daily gains at a background-stocker operations will be less than ________ pounds per day.

4. Feedlot pens allow for _________ to __________ square feet of room per animal.

5. Cattle are fed to a harvest weight around __________ to _________ pounds.

6. Backgrounding operations use a fairly _________ energy ration.

Please help? 10 points for all answered! :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Calves have been weaned successfully at less than two months of age, but this is younger than is practical under most ... What is the best bunk management?

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