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Opinions on our future children's names?!?

Our names are:

Herbert Lawrence Hand IV "Trey"

Emily Suzanne Stephens-Hand

Our children's names:

1st born boy- Herbert Lawrence Hand V "Corten" or "Wren"

1st born girl- Ella Suzanne Hand

2nd boy-Harrison Brooks Hand

2nd girl-Evelyn Mae Hand "Evy"

We have traditions in our family...that's why the names were passed down. Opinions of all kinds welcomed!


My husband is called Trey because he is the third in three. Our son will be the forth, Corten (quart) as in four, or Wren as in LaWRENce.

Some people were confused on that! Sorry!

Update 2:

Sorry, messed up on Roman Numerals! My husband is the third, son is the forth!

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    B#1 - i like the continuing of the tradition and the nicknames are cute!

    G#1 - Ella Suzanne is adorable! i know a little girl by this name. have you thought about gabriella nn ella? i feel like a more 'sophisticated' name is always better with a nickname in case she becomes a lawyer or doctor =)

    B#2 - Harrison is nice but i'm not a big fan of Brooks, but since its a middle name it wouldnt stand out, especially if it means a lot to you...if not i like Harrison David or Harrison Joel

    G#2 - i love this name! its sophisticated and still very cute and doesnt sound ancient and will age well

    all these names are really nice!

    good luck with your future children!

  • dewulf
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    4 years ago

    Patrick- 10/10. genuinely adore this call. Sounds so sturdy. Reid- 5/10. jogs my memory of a musical reed. no longer a fan. Tobias- 4/10. no longer fond. Lachlan- 3/10. not sure a thank you to pronounce it? Emmett- 6/10. Eh. that's totally properly. Milo- 8/10. lovable. Bennett- 9/10. i like this. Nickname Ben or Benji? Cole- 2/10. no longer a fan. Spencer- 3/10. that's totally properly. Hale- 0/10. You propose like the icy stuff? no longer a sturdy call.. ladies: first of all, i could prefer to assert that Micah, Finnley, Sailor, Bennett, and Addison are actually not lady names. Alison technically isn't the two. Little ladies to no longer choose masculine boy names that sound ridiculous on them.. Harlow- 2/10. appears like a chicken. no longer a fan. Lilah- 10/10. Love. genuinely love. Vivienne- 9/10. Very lovable. Claire- 8/10. beautiful call. Gianna- 3/10. no longer a fan. :) <3 :)

  • Kit
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    8 years ago

    I love the way you gave your children meaningful names! That's so special!

    Herbert Lawrence Hand V- It's so special that he is named after his father! Very nice!

    Ella Suzanne Hand- I love the name Ella, and I love the way she has the name middle name as you!

    Harrison Brooks Hand- Very handsome name

    Evelyn Mae Hand- I like it, but don't love it. I don't like Evy as a nickname. I like Eve because it's very pretty, and ages well. Eve is a good nickname for a baby, child, teenager, and adult! It's great!

    Many Blessings :)

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    I don't really get how Herbert could be nicknamed Corten or Wren. I love the girls names! Not really liking the boys names.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    They're all stupid. Name them, Lil B, Based God, and Swag Muffin.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    They're not that bad. I like the traditional handed down names. They're always better than Jazzlyn and Jaydyn.

  • 8 years ago

    I like how your sticking to traditions and being creative and not ordinary but the names I think are a little dated but I like Ella :)

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