what size wheel and tires?

i bought my 69 camaro with 15 by 10 wheels and 295/45 tires,,,they dont fit,,the fender chews the edges,,,will 245/60 fit 10 in rims??[ front wheels are skinny 14 inch by 4 inch jokes] i really dont wanto buy new wheels now but can"t run it as is..I guess the guy was trying for a 1980s drag/race style lol..o removed the chrome slapper bars,,[installed backwards] and other sad styling boo boos,other choice,,let them grind -[bad idea] and save to buy 17/18 new rims and tires, the air shocks help some but look dumb

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  • 8 years ago
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    245 is too skinny for a 15x10. It's only 9.6" wide. Try a 275/60 on them instead.

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