How popular is One piece in Japan?

What is it equivalent to in American society. Please be descriptive and detailed to be chosen as best answer

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  • 8 years ago
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    its the best selling manga in japan of all times, with over 270 million copies sold...the second after it is DBZ with 158 million copies sold by now

    as with anime, its pretty popular as its average views rate weekly is 9(but one fact that affects it is its airing days i.e weekends)

    as compared to america where it receives considerably low recognisation as compared to other anime of big three, its pretty much popular in japan

    the ratio of popularity in japan to america would probably be 10:1

    apparently, a survey conducted in japan also showed that about 88%-90% adults in japan read one piece, the teens however didn't seem to care enough about it...that explains mostly all of it...its high popularity in japan is basically because of the adults, whereas in america adults usually dont watch anime as much as teens, so it isn't that much popular in america

    one reason for one piece popularity among adults can basically be the fact that it started in 1997, and the teens at that time are now adults(hell 15 years have passed...i was born in 1997!!)...

    whereas in west, three reasons for decline of one piece would be 1)4kids dub 2)the art and animation and 3)the first 50 episodes being west, you mostly dont get into a series if the starting isn't that good

    another reason for high popularity in japan is because of pirates...while in japan pirates seem unique and foreign, in west they seem too 'mainstream' so people dont really care...they are more into ninjas and shinigami, when japanese are more into pirates

    also, when one piece is the best selling manga, it isn't nowhere in top tens according to anime news network which is based on votes on manga we can say that one piece isn't really popular in the west, but is extremely popular in japan

  • 6 years ago

    Why ? one piece is too good to describe dude :) Try to watch and get into it you will know by urself and the manga of one piece is awesome !!u cannot know how good it is by the start :) sorry bad English .

  • 8 years ago

    One piece is the most popular manga of all time in japan, smashing all records and completely obliterating any other manga in sales then any other. The most recent One piece movie(Film Z) broke all anime movie records making about $36 million in the first 10 days. The amount of One piece merchandise available in japan is unbelievable. Unlike any other anime/manga one piece has a stores dedicated just to one piece.

    If i had to compare to anything in american or western society i would say it's equivalent to something like Apple, One Piece isn't just an anime/manga it's a brand. Where anything with one piece on it sells well just like apple.

  • Jack
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    8 years ago

    I believe there is a shop in Japan that just opened dedicated to just One Piece merchandise. I'd say the equivalent of that is LEGO in America (Although I'm sure Lego is much bigger seeing as though they have their own theme park)

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