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Why is Alabama Shakes a popular band?

I see all these high ratings for them online but I don't seem to understand why they are well known. Is it because of their lyrics? I did think the lead singer was good but what do others think?

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    Brittany Howard has a hugely expressive voice, and the band is solid. Musically, they channel all sorts of influences, notably for me early (gospel-derived) soul and 1960s swamp rock (especially Creedence Clearwater Revival). Their lyrics are perfectly good song lyrics, without carving out a new path. I think they've got real tingle factor - the first time I heard "Hold On" on the radio, I had to stop and listen - what is this? who are they? when does the album come out? That's the sign of a really tight combo, built upwards from the rhythm section. I'm looking forward to their second album.

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    8 years ago

    Thar ya have it Ms.Anne.

    I have been suggesting this band to everyone on yahoo that asked for new music suggestions. I thought maybe I was a bit bias because Alabama Shakes comes from my home state but I didn't let that stop me .... I liked them ... a lot.

    Then came the Grammy nominations and I knew I wasn't the only one. Now I see some of yahoo answerers most esteemed music aficionado's arra giving Alabama Shakes the ol thumbs up. Tis good to see them get that type of validation, "fer shore".

    Ms.Howard and bassist Zac Cockrell have been working/developing together since high school, might explain some of that tightness.

    PyratSteve went and got his account suspended .... it happens.

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    i dig em. nice retro sound and like you said the singer is great.

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    MacBryan echoes my sentiments exactly, couldn't have said it better myself.

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    I'll just play caddy here- everyone's nailed it. They're the best thing to come along since the Black Keys.

  • Could not have said it better than 13 and MacBryan.

    Brittany's voice is...unbelievable. Like 13, the first time I heard "Hold On" I literally let someone I was talking to on the phone go so I could hear it better. Expressive, and their band is tight. I've watched some live performances on YouTube of there's, not to mention watched Howard at the Grammy's and sat there like O_o

    That's a great twist on some modern blues right there.

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    Brittany Howard has the best female blues-rock voice to have graced the music industry since Janis Joplin (better, in my opinion), they write unpretentious songs with good hooks, they treat other people's songs with the respect they deserve, and they have a lovely, tight, sparse, unembellished sound, rather like a stripped-down version of The Band. I expect them to achieve great things if the dollar signs don't get in the way too much. I'm 58 years old and I haven't been this impressed by a new band for 40 years. The last band to have the same effect on me was Little Feat.

    ADD: You wouldn't give any of them a second look if you passed them on the street, which is great because it's all about the music, not the image.

    @13 Across: I'm looking forward to the second album too. "The Band" for the new millennium, hopefully.

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