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In what ways was the American Revolution a revolution? It seems more like a war for secession?

Maybe because I do not know the definition of revolution but the American one, relative to other revolutions is completely different in that the colonists did not try to overthrow the king or establish a new form of gov't they simply wanted to break away. How is breaking away (secession) a revolution when you are really not changing anything about the existing form of gov't in the motherland

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    It's true, if you wanted to be pedantic about it the American Revolution didn't actually overthrow the sovereign ruler of the North American colony at the time (the British crown) but was instead a secession/war of independence.

    Maybe what was revolutionary was the new liberal republican institutions it set up.

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    from the point of view of those seeking independence it is a war of independence

    from the point of view of those in charge at the time the peasants are revolting

    like everything else in life it all depends on point of view

    if you cannot consider any more than 1 point of view you cannot look objectively at any situation

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    Same thing..

    Fight for independence or fight for secession.

    How you define it depends on what side you're on.

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