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Christianity and Quantum Theory?

Any Christians out there interested in Quantum theory? What are your views on it and that particles can appearing from nothing which could have triggered the big bang, which, its claimed, could generate a universe from nothing?

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    Of course, yet I am more interested the empirical side of quantum physics than the theoretical side. The empirical side is what will ultimately determine which theoretical interpretation (Copenhagen, Mulitiunverse or null universe) is most likely correct. The Copenhagen interpretation has been dominant but that is in large part because it is the earliest. Current experiments on the empirical side bring many aspects of the Copenhagen interpretation into doubt and some are already arguing it should be scrapped.

    In any event Krauss failed to make his case for a universe from nothing. In fact his case actually does more damage to the Standard Model (Big Bang) than anything else. In 1999 it was experimentally demonstrated that photons interacting with charged particles result in a drop in energy levels producing a red shift having nothing do to with Hubble's hypothetical doppler effect. [Anastasovski March 1999]. Krauss gleefully points out that space is not empty but filled with potential matter and charged particles. As result the red shift observed in light can be explained fully by the photons interaction with all these charged particles over the distance of it's travels. If this is the source of the red shift, one would predict the greater the distinct the higher the red shift which is exactly what is observed - without the need to add the assumption that the universe is expanding -(and with that assumption dark energy). If one applies the scientific principle of parsimony one MUST drop the assumption of expansion. (This by the way is only one of three lines of evidence that directly challenges Hubble's interpretation of the Red Shift and one of three strong evidences challenges essential assertions of the Standard Model).

    The hypothetical quantum vacuum making particles appear from nothing however does not produce stable matter but these particles pop in and out of existence in micro-seconds - if the phenomena actually even happens. If we look to the empirical side of Quantum Physics we find that the experimental evidence consistently shows the conversion of energy to mater and sustaining that mater (both necessary for the material universe to begin and continue to exist) are both the product of a willful consciousness - i.e. a creator. The reality is the empirical side of quantum physics provides compelling evidence for a creator -and therefore a 'god'. Far more compelling than Krauss' something from nothing assertions. It also warrants recognition that empirical science because it is testable with reproducible results necessarily trumps theoretical science which is based primarily math and extrapolation rather than actual experimentation. This is because theoretical sciences experimentation and observations follow the math, as opposed to empirical science which follows the evidence.

    Robert: Yes but if you look at the many statements that contrast the Physical realm with the Spiritual Realm the resemblances of the Spiritual realm and what we understand about the Quantum realm are very distinct and unmistakable. IT may very well be the Kingdom of God Jesus speaks of is in fact in the Quantum realm. This is further supported by the quantum theory of the soul ( and the quantum hypothesis of brain function (

    Panait C: The problem with that is what you describe is in violation of both General and Special Relativity - both well established using experimentation.

    Special EPhex: Steady state is not without it's problems, it does not account for the beginning which based on the know laws of the universe -there must have been one. Your bouncing universe model also has serious problems in that energy levels from each bounce would go down, not up and based on the rate of entropy in our universe there simply would not be enough energy capable of being converted to perform work for more than one bounce.. Read the texts in the original and you will find something interesting -- the bounce is not the Universe but the world which could also be interpreted earth. The notion of multiple incarnations or Generations of the earth is something that is echoed in Genesis 2:2 .. Perhaps there is more agreement between Hinduism and the Bible than many realize!

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    Quantum Theory doesn't imply that. It is scientific law that something cannot come from nothing (revisit Law of Conservation and Thermodynamic). If anything, Quantum Mechanics support the Steady State Theory, which coincides with the Law of Conservation and Thermodynamics. The Big Bang was arbitrarily accepted over the Steady State theory in the early 20th century. In time the Big Bang will loose dominance as the accepted source of the universe, because an event of that magnitude must have a source with enough potential energy to manifest it. Shorthand, some believe that source is God.

    In the ancient cultures of Eastern Indian long before science ever existed as an institution of study, the religious and spiritual text explained a being (Indra, I think) who manifest the the cosmos by successive inhales and exhale (contractions and expansions), much like the Steady State theory, that lasts in durations of many eons. The ancient Indian culture has many parallels from many thousands of years ago that modern science and physics are recently discovering. Their teachings come from beings who were very in-tuned to the natural universe and realized these concepts without rigorously exhausting the intellect and wasting time and effort.

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    Yes I'm very interested in all aspects of physics.

    Particles can indeed appear from nothing, and quantum fluxuations may have been the route through which the big bang formed. But quantum fluxuations are not 'nothing', they behave according to the laws of physics. I still believe the laws of physics themselves have a designer.

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    You say that particle appeared from nothing. This is just one interpretation of the facts. Another would be that there are particles that can move with speeds that are beyond our ability to measure.

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  • I'm interested in a lot of things. I took a look at your best answer ranking and noticed you're only at 9% best answer. You need to get your rating up. Considering your question, I can probably understand why it is so low.

    I believe the Bible is cover to cover the Word of God.

    In the beginning.. God created the Heavens and the Earth.

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    Too many things had to fall into place in very specific ways at the same time for it to be an accident or to have just arisen from nothing by some scientific accident.

    Nonlocality is fascinating, too.

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    What is plainly obvious to me is that nothing means nothing, it does not mean there's something so minute that the naked eye cant see, it is as it is, nothing means nothing..

    Therefore quantum theory is really claiming that nothing has something from its most subatomic level, so take it from me if not take it from the logic's of it all "nothing means absolutely nothing and something cant come from nothing unless there is something there that the naked eye cannot see..

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    You're actually trying to discuss quantum theory with the subscribers to the codex of illiterate middle-eastern nomads of two millennia ago? What's next, perhaps a debate on string theory with your local pre-school kids?

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    Particles behave differently depending on whether they are observed or not. That really doesn't make any sense so it is just like Christianity.

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    Too many 'coincidences' and then this planet doesn't operate on accidents at all,

    so it would be the 'odd man out'.

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