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Dream fights, Who would win them?

Dominick Cruz vs Jose Aldo(if cruz went up)

Rashad Evans vs Anderson Silva(if evans went down)

Jon Fitch vs Ben Askren

Anthony Pettis vs Benson Henderson

Roger Huerta vs Tyson Griffin(both in there prime)

Fabricio Werdum vs Antonio Silva

Andrei Arvloski vs Rampage Jackson(both in there prime and Arvloski was LHW)

Phil Davis vs Jon Jones(when davis fully develops)

Eduardo Dantas vs Michael McDonald

Nate Mardquardt vs Michael Bisping(when Mardquardt was in MW)

Dan Henderson vs Chael Sonnen(at LHW)

Lil Nog vs Big Nog(if Lil Nog moved up)

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    Time will say who will win.

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