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Invitation Letter 邀請函

Please help me to translate the following message into English :


Thank you in advance.

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    Invitation documents

    (1) Please provide an official printed document from the company that sent the invite. Make sure contact information of the company, such as address, phone numbers etc., can be found on the document.

    (2) Invitation content should also provides:

    a. Applicant's passport number, occupation, and salary.

    b. Days planning on visit / stay ( please provide specific timeline),

    c. Purpose of the visit / stay and itinerary.

    d. Sponsor of the trip

    e. Document that ensures a return home.

    (3) All documents need to be printed and stamped with company seal plus a signature from the inviter.

    板主你漏掉(2)裡面的c. 所以我就自己把目的和行程定為c囉


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    Wow thanks so much for the note! I actually didn't understand 什麼是 便笺纸 hahaha

    and a bit confused about what 打印 is too haha...

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    Invitation letter (1) has to be printed on company stationery with letterhead that includes contact information of the inviting company, such as address and telephone number;

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    (2) should include the following information: (i) the passport number, the position, and the salary of the applicant, (ii) intended length of stay (from month/day to month/day), purpose and itinerary of the trip,

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    (iii) the financial sponsor of the trip, and (iv) pledge to return. The hardcopy should also include company seal and the signature of the inviter.

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    公司的便笺纸 = company letterhead

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