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超人 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago

關於化學類出口報關的英文翻譯 20點


1.所有中國的Express 快遞服務不能接化學類產品的出口運輸服務。



1)如化工局將UV膠鑑定為危險化學品的話, 貨運公司將無法運輸。

2)化工局鑑定為非危險品,到USA的運費TOTAL 大約330USD。



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  • 7 years ago
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    Consult all the Forwarder, received the following reply: China customs regulation on chemical products exports.

    1. all China Express courier services cannot export of chemical products transportation services.

    2. the transport of general cargo transportation companies can take UV adhesive, premise must have a Chinese version of non-dangerous goods identification certificate issued by a notified body.

    Appraisal of current Shanghai port Specifies a Shanghai Chemical Industry Bureau at a cost of 800CNY (127USD), issued about a week after the sample certificates.1) such as chemical UV adhesive identified as hazardous chemicals, shipping companies will not be able to transport.2) chemicals identified as non-dangerous goods to the USA for shipping TOTAL about 330USD.

    Total inspection and transportation costs of about $ 500USD, evaluate whether UV type, remains to be returned to

    UV glue is also in the Shanghai customs exported buckle cargo, get UV adhesives is expected to need up to a week.

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