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Who wants to hop on the Joey Logano bandwagon with me, for the 2013 NASCAR Cup season?

Do you think the 2012 Sprint Cup Champion, Brad Keselowski will teach Joey a few tricks, to use on the track?

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    He is my son's fav. racer. When he get's his giddy-up on there will be a new Nascar champ for sure!!!! Logan has what it takes.. let's cheer his on to a victory!!! Brad is a great Nascar Champ. although Joey is humble and when his time comes all well will see as fan's of Logano is is "BIG WIDE SMILE!!!"

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    With 2 years adventure and driving for JGR he could make the chase this 12 months. the bigger question is that if how long can flow on no longer making the Chase and shop his experience. Joey has shown super progression noticeably once you think approximately his age and adventure, yet expert activities are approximately effects and he's on the element in his occupation that he needs to realize the subsequent point and initiate winning races, no longer purely rain shorten races, and making the chase in spite of everything the hype that got here along with his arrival.

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    Sorry dude but I can't stand that kid. Brad could teach Joey every trick in the book and bread boy would still be burnt toast!

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  • He could. Note to the "too nice" sayer.Joey can be aggressive, like when he won at Pocono back in June. Drivers rarely win Cup races before age 22 and the best age is late 20's to mid-to-late 30's. Someone said he's "good for his age." In a few years, we could be seein' a champion born in the 90's and it could be him. I wanna see his big ol' smile in Victory Lane more as the years go by.

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    He's a good racer but he needs to gain some confidence I think. He kind of just blends in now that he's in cup, of course its not easy out there. Not sure if Brad will teach him anything but it would be nice to see.

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    Not me.Logano is too nice for his own good.Still years away from his potential,if he ever reaches it.

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    probably will learn more than what he did with the #18 car

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    8 years ago

    I'm curious to see how he does. But I'm no fan.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    not me.

    kid's a puke.

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