can't upload pictures in nikon image space?

I use a MacBook Pro (Feb 2012 model). Can't get the images into the Nikon Image Space. I even downloaded and installed the Nikon Image Uploader. At first it worked, but now unsuccessful. There help on the Image Space is useless in this situation. HELP!!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    If Nikon (the folks who made this) are useless, we can't help.

    At the first link below:

    "What file formats can be uploaded to “NIKON IMAGE SPACE” ?(Computer)

    You can upload the following 12 types of files to “NIKON IMAGE SPACE”....

    JPEG files (still image)

    RAW files (still image) *1

    TIFF files (still image) *2 *3

    MOV files (video)

    AVI files (video)

    WAV files (audio) *4

    NMS files (MOV,JPEG) *5

    LOG files (GPS log)

    GPX files (GPS log)

    NMEA files (GPS log)

    NMA files (GPS log)

    MPO files (side-by-side image)

    *1 NEF and NRW formats only.

    *2 Compression formats other than LZW are not supported.

    *3 TIFF files in CMYK color mode are not supported.

    *4 Must be uploaded simultaneously with a JPEG image file of the same name (handled as a voice memo attached to the image file).

    *5 Nikon Motion Snapshot data captured with Nikon 1 cameras. When data stored individually in the slow motion video (MOV) and the still image (JPEG) is uploaded at the same time, it is recognized as NMS data.

    To find out if the app is faulty, upload without using the app. At the second link below....

    "Uploading without “NIKON IMAGE SPACE UPLOADER”(Computer)

    You can specify photos stored on your computer individually and upload multiple photos at the same time, without using “NIKON IMAGE SPACE UPLOADER”.

    To do so, click [Upload] at the bottom left of the My Photos screen, click [Skip] in the screen that appears, and then specify the photos you want to upload.

    Specify the upload destination (e.g., album) for the photos before clicking [Start Upload].

  • 5 years ago

    NIS is pretty poor as a site; it's laggy, unpleasant to view and half the buttons and features don't work, especially the upload button! Even View NX has trouble communicating with the site. Get a Flickr account instead; it's just as free, but it gives you a whole terabyte of storage.

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    Nikon Image Space Uploader Download

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