How exactly does one become a prostitute?

Just curious. It's exactly a job that you can go online and apply for. How do people actually get into the work of prostitution? Do they just stand on the corner at obscure hours of the night? Do they take the chance to approach people? How does someone end up having a pimp? So many questions!

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  • 7 years ago
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    I haven't worked for two months now and having a real full time job, I just can't afford the effort that goes into it,I never needed the money it was just an experience for me and I learnt so much about men that I wouldn't have learnt any other way. When I was active though, I would publish on craigslist and locanto and you'll be amazed at how many responses you get in just five minutes.

    here's some advise.

    1. be independent. Working as a call girl decreases your chance of violence. NEVER WALK THE STREETS! It may be faster money but it's also the fastest way to get murdered and those guys who'll drive around may be drunk and aggressive. Working as a call girl allowed me to fish through the emails and communicate with the men i'd see before deciding if it was safe enough to see them. Along the lines of being a call girl, never give out your number in an ad, only your email otherwise you'll have your phone going off at all hours of the night. Only give out your number to a guy you've decided to meet and to your regulars because if you do your job well honey, you will have regulars.

    2. never give out a face pic, always crop your body pic.

    3. obviously use a fake name.

    4. men are more willing to pay more for a woman who also acts as a companion rather than just a **** buddy. Smile a lot, be charming, be polite and offer them a drink (anything but alcohol). Some guys are into the 'girlfriend experience' so act like the best girlfriend in the world.

    5 do some research and know what you're prices are. Don't lower them unless you're really desperate. e.g. I used to charge $50 for a 15 minute bj. Never accept any less than $50!!!! If a guy can't afford it, he should get a gf who'll do it for free. For an hour session I'd charge $300 but there were times where I accepted $200 however that was the cut off line. Basically know you're worth and stick to it. I knew girls who had been in it for years who were charging $700 or more but they had lots more experience whereas I was only in it for six months.

    6. Always make it clear to whoever it is buying your services what your prices are. Don't let them say 'lets figure that out when you get here'. There will be guys who will try and get it for cheap and guys who will run off and act like they didn't know you do this for money, my advise would be that you're safety comes first, let them run because you'd much rather that than having your face bashed in. (because that's a bit harder to explain when you come home)

    7. always use protection (MY GOD!!!), never let a guy try and have you without a condom on, you don't know how many other prostitutes he may seeing or if he's even seeing other guys as well. Also, go and get the pill, there are hardly any contraindications for not being on the pill and trust me when I say that an abortion can cost you sooooo much (between $1000-$2000).

    8.always keep fresh. I know this may sound gross but if you can't shower after every client then go buy a pack of baby wipes and keep them in your bag.They will keep you clean and fresh and they're convenient.

    9. Get checked every month. This is imperative. You could be jailed if you knowingly pass on a sexually transmitted infection besides, the wuicker it's detected, the better the outcome. If you do have unprotected sex, go and get a check which is usually a blood test at your local sexual health clinic, they're free and they're there because many prostitutes are utilising them decreasing sti rates.

    you can google it but generally the prostitutes population have less reports of sti and std because they're just more careful.

    10. Have a plan to get out. I gave myself six months because I knew I'd have finished my university course and have a job, Thankfully that plan worked out for me and if it didn't I would have applied for a short course in languages for the time being whilst decreasing my sex work but thankfully I never had to do that as I'm working full time now in healthcare-my specialty being sexual health LOL, so i can understand many of my patients with my unique perspective. The point is, don't allow yourself to linger in the industry too long, the longer you're in, the harder it will be to get out. You need an exit plan and you need to take it when the time comes no matter how addictive the money can be. Good luck.

    I know you're just curious but if you do go down that road, don't go down it naively. It took me three weeks of deep thought and contemplation before I was mentally prepared. Take your time and take it slow. I don't regret my journey, I'd do it again so I wish you all the best.

  • 4 years ago

    In those countries where prostitution is legal the minimum age differs from 16 to 18 or even 21. A prostitute sells her body to mainly men who wish to have sex. It may sound like easy money, but you have to bear in mind you will run a huge increased risk to gain any STD from a customer, potentially even HIV/AIDS. There is also a huge competition between the women/girls working and very often this ends in violence where (permanent) bodily harm can happen. And of course there is the pimps that force you to work for them and take a large percentage from the money you earn. All in all, it is a bad career decision usually taken by uneducated girls from poor families that have no other possibilities

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    7 years ago

    I think having a pimp is a bad idea. He gets the prostitute's money but she's the one doing the work? Standing on a corner at night is good way to have sex, but maybe against your will and without pay. I guess you can advertise on craigslist. I've heard about johns and hookers getting caught by the police b/c they were getting business there.

  • 7 years ago

    Why do you wanna know all these details? Its a choice people make. The best answer is to find yourself a decent job.

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