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Any good anome ideas?

To compleation I have watched: fullmeatal alchemist, soul eater, and desert punk. I have watch all the dubbed episodes of d gray man. So I feel I like anime with a lot of action a good amount of comedy and, I can't stress this enough, little to no romance. Also I only like dubbed and have access to Netflix and Hulu.

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    Watch out for spoilers


    *(After)-Great Anime (More stars the better)

    #- Not 12 24min episodes

    Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na -Crescent Love***************

    #Sword Art Online**************(Of the 2 endings, the one at ep.14 is the best)

    Gift Eternal Rainbow***************

    Hagure Yūsha No Estetica*************** (Kinda like Zero No Tsukaima, but more manly. Obvious relationship with a "Your'e place is with me," and a really nice kiss. Season 1 ends with him and her, two girl students [VP of Student Council] and one best friend who seems evil, teleporting to Azaraad to find out why the people of Disdania knew where Akatsuki and Myuu were so quickly. Definitly watch future seasons, only one season that aired in the end of the summer to the fall in 2012)

    Campione!(The main character is Kusanagi Godou and he kills a God in the first episode, so this gives him the title of Campione. The god he defeats actually holds the abilities of ten different beings and Godou has power over all of them. This is a really obvious harem, but it is understood and seen who the main girl is. She is probably my favorite anime girl because she falls under the whole hot girl from nobility, but she is also foreign [Italian]. She seems like a girl who would be a tsundere type, but she is not in the least bit. She constantly tells Kusanagi that she loves him and in the second to last episode he actually ets how serious she is and has been abot her feelings. I believe that he is seen giving her his heart when he says that he will save her if she promises to be by his side till the end of time. This anime is also reminds me of Princess Lover! as well as Fortune Arterial, except for the fact that there is a more solid pick.)

    Onegai Teacher***************


    #Naruto Shippuuden

    (I can't possibly forget this)

    #Kaichō wa Maid-sama********(Good anime about the really cool and sly Usui who finds out in the 1st episode that the student council president, Misaki (Misa-chan) Ayuzawa, who hates how rude men in her school, is actually a working in a maid cafe as a waitress. He toys with her and in episode 6 kisses her and says he likes her. It is great, but it was unnecessarily 26 episodes long There are other really great episodes, romance wise. The summaries say he finds out her secret and the has her become his personal maid, but that is just a joke of his. The ending is a nice solid one, so watch in the future.)

    #Zero No Tsukaima*********(4 Seasons Long developing romance, but the main characters get married in the end so it was good. Decent amount of fighting and great plot. I'd watch once i've forgotten the intricit details more.)

    #Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu*********(Really nice anime that focuses a lot on their romance. It's about the most popular and incredibly wealthy girl in high school, and probably Japan, and the fact that she loves anime and manga, to the point of being an Otaku. She tries so hard to hide this fact, but soon the main male, Yuuto, finds out about it. He keeps it a secret and is pretty ordinary about it. The first season is more romance, while the second is a bit more ecchi [this does not mean that the romance is no longer there, in fact the 2nd season has one of its best episodes]. I still have to find the 4 OVA's but they're still being released. {date is 12/19})

    Oda Nobuna No Yabo*********(this is the one where the kid who plays a lot of shoujo games somehow gets sent back in time to aid Oda Nobuna in reuniting Japan. His history knowledge plays a big role in it and other than a few mistakes, and believing that all the characters were men, not hot women like they are, in his past, he does end up aiding them in their battles a lot. There is a strong tsundere lead, and she has a good relationship with the male lead from the near beginning. This came out in 2012 and has good potential for 2nd season, so try to remember and find it.)

    H2O: Footprints in the Sand*********(Has a lot of drama and it also throws in some weird twists towards the end of the series. The main character is Takuma Hirose and he is blind. He goes to a village in order to heal from his unknown condition and it seems as though a spirit called Otoha healed him. The main girl is Kohinata Hayami and she is beaten mercilessly her entire life for what her family used to do to the village. She is nonchalant about it and as time goes on, comes to open up to Hirose. It really reminds me of the drama in Myself;Yourself and it makes me want to see Myself;Yourself again.)

    Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai********* (Was a good one. He makes a contract with Lisara, who is a shinigami, to help find her special specimen and she will save his life which is supposed to end in 3 months. Great ending, he regects childhood friend and when he is brought back from brink of death Lisara says that she loves him. Has same Ero-ness from Highschool DxD, but actually shows to nudity, the

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