how to find someones jail record?

I live in Texas and i am looking to see why someone got put in jail.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Try to find out which county or city this person is in jail. See if the sheriff's department has a website listing the current inmates. If you can locate them on this website then you may find out the charges. Or the sheriff or the arresting agency posts their arrest reports online. You can search for that as well. Or since you know their name you cound use google and type mugshots and the name and state the person was arrested in. That's a shot in the dark but I found my brother's mugshot online that way. LOL.

    The only other way is to go to the police station of the agency that arrested this person and ask.

    This is assuming that the person arrested is an adult.

  • dooopo
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    8 years ago

    in my state the web site is Maybe try that but instead of WI because im in wisconsin try your state abbreviation. Also show many peoples mug shots and it says their charges. Not all people get put on it only random people are but he might be one.

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